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FoodKing Nulled stands out as a revolutionary food delivery and restaurant management system, tailored to meet the needs of both single and multi-branch restaurants. This comprehensive system integrates a robust Point of Sale (POS) system with user-friendly applications, including a customer app, a website, and a delivery personnel app, ensuring a streamlined and efficient restaurant operation.

The FoodKing system is designed to elevate restaurant management to new heights. Utilizing the Laravel Framework and Vue for its admin panel, it provides an unprecedented level of control and insight into every facet of restaurant operations. This system is not just about delivering food; it’s about redefining the dining experience for customers and simplifying management for restaurant owners.


FoodKing’s system comprises various components:

  • Customer App: Allows users to browse menus, place orders, and track their delivery in real-time.
  • Admin Panel: A powerful, feature-rich dashboard for managing all restaurant operations.
  • Delivery Man App: An app specifically for delivery personnel to manage deliveries efficiently.


Customer User Journey

  • Homepage Navigation: Users can set their location, browse various food options, and filter by categories like vegetarian and non-vegetarian.
  • Login and Registration: Customers can sign up or log in using their email and password.
  • Food Selection and Customization: Options for product variations, add-ons, and quantity adjustments are available.
  • Seamless Checkout Process: Users can choose delivery or takeaway, select a branch, add an address, choose a delivery time, and select a payment method.

Frontend Features

  • Dynamic Home Page: Includes location and language settings, search features, and menu categorizations.
  • Interactive Menu Page: Offers list and grid views of items, with options for variations and add-ons.
  • Advanced Cart and Checkout: Supports multiple payment gateways, coupon systems, and order summaries.
  • User Account Management: Allows customers to manage addresses, edit profiles, and view order history.
  • Messaging System: Direct communication with the branch manager for queries or feedback.

Backend Features

  • Comprehensive Dashboard: Provides insights into items, orders, user details, and more.
  • POS Integration: For live order tracking and management.
  • Customer and Delivery Boy Profiles: Including order history, security settings, and location management.
  • Financial Management: Features for handling transactions, sales reports, and credit balances.
  • Comprehensive Settings: Management of company details, branches, currencies, taxes, and more.
  • Advanced Analytics: For tracking performance and customer behaviors.

Conclusion: Revolutionizing the Dining Experience with FoodKing’s Comprehensive Solutions

FoodKing is a game-changer in the realm of restaurant management and food delivery. It’s a system designed not just to facilitate operations but to enhance the overall dining experience for customers. With its advanced features, ease of use, and comprehensive coverage of all aspects of restaurant management, FoodKing Free Download is an indispensable tool for restaurant owners looking to streamline their operations and grow their businesses in today’s competitive market. The integration of customer, admin, and delivery apps ensures that each stakeholder has a tailored experience, making FoodKing a holistic solution for the modern restaurant industry.


Version 2.2 (12 May 2024)
- Iyzico payment gateway added
- Made seo friendly URL
- Phonepe payment gateway minor bug fix
- Table order minor style fix

Version 2.1 (2 May 2024)
- Minor bug fixed in Razorpay
- Minor bug fixed in the wallet balance 
- Minor bug fixed in the items report
- Minor bug fixed in address module
- Minor bug fixed in the sales report
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