WP Fusion Free Download (v3.43.1) + Addons

WP Fusion Nulled is a powerful WordPress plugin that acts as a bridge between WordPress websites and various CRM and marketing automation platforms. In today’s digital landscape, where personalized user experiences and efficient customer relationship management are key to business success, WP Fusion offers a comprehensive solution. It integrates WordPress with leading CRM systems, enabling website owners to harness the full potential of their customer data for enhanced marketing, sales, and user engagement strategies.

Effective integration of customer relationship management (CRM) systems with a website is crucial for businesses looking to streamline their operations and tailor their marketing efforts. WP Fusion steps in as a critical tool for achieving this integration, providing a seamless connection between WordPress sites and various CRM and marketing platforms. This plugin is ideal for businesses and website owners who want to leverage customer data to create a more personalized and efficient user experience.


WP Fusion Nulled is designed to synchronize user data between WordPress and various CRM and marketing automation tools. It supports a wide range of CRMs, making it versatile for different business needs. The plugin automates many processes that would otherwise require manual intervention, saving time and improving accuracy. It’s particularly beneficial for membership sites, e-commerce platforms, and any WordPress site that collects user data.


  1. Extensive CRM Integration: WP Fusion supports integration with over 40 CRM and marketing automation platforms, including popular systems like HubSpot, Salesforce, and ActiveCampaign.
  2. User Data Synchronization: The plugin synchronizes user data between WordPress and the connected CRM, ensuring consistent and up-to-date information across platforms.
  3. Automated Tagging: Users can be automatically tagged based on their actions on the website, such as purchasing a product or completing a course, enabling targeted marketing efforts.
  4. Access Control: WP Fusion offers granular control over site access based on CRM tags, allowing the creation of personalized user experiences and content access rules.
  5. E-commerce Integration: For e-commerce sites, WP Fusion tracks purchases and customer behavior, syncing this data with the CRM for improved sales tracking and customer segmentation.
  6. Membership and Subscription Management: The plugin works seamlessly with membership and subscription plugins, making it ideal for managing member access and subscriptions through CRM tags.
  7. Lead Capture and Tracking: WP Fusion enhances lead generation efforts by capturing form submissions and tracking user engagement, feeding this data into the CRM for lead nurturing.
  8. Custom Field Mapping: Users can map custom fields between WordPress and their CRM, ensuring that all relevant user data is captured and synced.
  9. Event Tracking: The plugin allows for tracking of user interactions and events on the website, providing valuable insights into user behavior and preferences.
  10. GDPR Compliance Tools: WP Fusion includes tools to help with GDPR compliance, such as managing user consent and data access requests.

WP Fusion Free Download is an indispensable tool for businesses and website owners looking to integrate their WordPress sites with CRM and marketing automation platforms. Its wide range of features, from user data synchronization to automated tagging and access control, makes it a comprehensive solution for leveraging customer data to enhance marketing strategies, sales processes, and overall user experience. Whether for a small business, a large corporation, or a membership site, WP Fusion provides the functionality and flexibility needed to create a connected and efficient digital ecosystem. With its focus on user data integration, WP Fusion stands out as a powerful and versatile plugin in the WordPress community, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions and offer personalized experiences to their users.


3.43.1 - 3/19/2024
Added a MasterStudy LMS integration
Added option to automatically remove MemberPress corporate account tags from sub-account members when the parent membership is cancelled
Improved - When using HTTP API logging, the amount of time to perform the API call will be recorded to the logs
Improved - When an API error is encountered, the full API call and response will be logged
Improved - When using the Email Optin feature with WooCommerce, WP Fusion will now declare itself incompatible with the new checkout block
Improved plugin updater - updates will now show even if license key is expired
Improved - When debugging the admin settings page using the &debug URL parameter, the contents of wpf_import_groups will now be output with the rest of the debug data
Fixed List not found with ID error when adding contacts to Klavio lists with explicit consent
Fixed Invalid consent timestamp error when adding contacts to Klavio lists with explicit consent, with timezone offsets above GMT
Fixed WPBakery visibility indicator showing up when not in editing mode for users who have the admin bar visible
Fixed the import tool tracking failed user imports as successful for purposes of the table of historical imports
Fixed user IDs getting tracked multiple times in the settings table listing user import history, artifically inflating import counts
Fixed undefined index warning syncing custom fields with Klaviyo
Fixed array data not being converted to a string when updating Salesforce contacts using the update_contact() method
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