v5.0.2 Analytify Pro Google Analytics Goals Free Download

Analytify Pro Google Analytics Goals Nulled is a powerful plugin for WordPress users seeking to leverage the full potential of Google Analytics within their websites. This plugin simplifies the process of tracking and analyzing website performance by integrating Google Analytics’ comprehensive data directly into the WordPress dashboard. It is especially valuable for setting, monitoring, and understanding goals, a crucial aspect of website performance and user engagement analysis.

Effective use of Google Analytics is essential for any website owner looking to optimize their online presence. Analytify Pro Google Analytics Goals Nulled takes this a step further by allowing users to not only access analytics data but also to set and monitor specific goals directly from their WordPress interface. This integration offers a streamlined approach to understanding and enhancing website performance.


Analytify Pro Bis designed to make Google Analytics more accessible and actionable for WordPress users. The plugin translates complex data into understandable and actionable insights, making it easier for website owners and marketers to make informed decisions. Whether it’s tracking conversions, monitoring user behavior, or evaluating the success of marketing campaigns, Analytify Pro provides the tools necessary to achieve and understand these objectives.

Key Features

  1. Easy Integration with Google Analytics: Analytify Pro seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, bringing comprehensive analytics data directly into the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Goal Tracking and Management: Users can set up, track, and manage Google Analytics goals, such as form submissions, product purchases, or page views, directly within WordPress.
  3. Real-Time Stats: The plugin offers real-time statistics, giving users instant insights into visitor behavior and website performance.
  4. Customizable Dashboard: Analytify Pro provides a customizable dashboard, allowing users to prioritize and display the most relevant data for their needs.
  5. E-commerce Tracking: For online stores, the plugin offers advanced e-commerce tracking capabilities, enabling detailed analysis of customer behavior and sales data.
  6. User Role Management: Website administrators can control which data is accessible to different user roles within WordPress, ensuring appropriate access and data security.
  7. Automated Email Reports: The plugin can generate and send automated email reports, keeping stakeholders informed about website performance without needing to log into WordPress.
  8. Campaign Tracking: Users can track the performance of various marketing campaigns, making it easier to assess the effectiveness of different strategies and tactics.

User Experience

Analytify Pro prioritizes a user-friendly experience. It simplifies the often complex world of web analytics, making data easy to understand and act upon for users of all skill levels. The intuitive interface and straightforward presentation of data ensure that users can quickly grasp their website’s performance metrics and make informed decisions to improve their online presence.

Analytify Pro Google Analytics Goals Free Download is a must-have plugin for WordPress users looking to maximize the benefits of Google Analytics. Its ability to integrate goal setting and tracking directly into the WordPress dashboard makes it a powerful tool for website optimization. The plugin’s focus on accessibility, combined with its comprehensive range of features, positions it as an invaluable asset for anyone serious about understanding and enhancing their website’s performance. Analytify Pro not only simplifies data analysis but also empowers users to take concrete steps towards achieving their digital objectives, making it an essential component of any successful online strategy.



May 10th, 2023
  1. Comparison graph modified.
  2. Error handling added on comparison graph script.


April 26th, 2023
  1. Undefined function wpa_get_analytics on showing single page/post stats at front-end.
  2. Compatibility: Compatible to WordPress 6.2


April 18th, 2023
  1. Google Analytics GA4 integration is added.
  2. Google Search Console (webmasters) Integrated.
  3. Pageload speed improvement.
  4. UI Improvements.
  5. Compatibility: Compatible to WordPress 6.2
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