Request a Quote for WooCommerce 2.6.3 Nulled

WooCommerce has revolutionized the e-commerce landscape by offering businesses a platform that is both feature-rich and customizable. For store owners, one of the primary goals is ensuring that their platform provides an intuitive and seamless experience for their customers. It’s not just about listing products and setting prices; it’s also about the flexibility to cater to different purchasing behaviors and needs. Recognizing the value of this adaptability, the Request a Quote plugin for WooCommerce was developed.

Request a Quote for WooCommerce Nulled is a powerful tool designed to enhance B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) interactions. While traditional online shopping focuses on fixed prices, many businesses operate in markets where prices can be negotiable, or where bulk orders can result in varying price structures. This plugin bridges the gap between these two worlds by allowing potential customers to request a custom quote for the products they are interested in, enabling a direct line of communication and negotiation between the buyer and seller.


Flexible Quote Requests

Customers can add multiple products to their quote basket, allowing them to request a quote for several items at once. This is particularly useful for businesses dealing with bulk orders or customized product bundles.

Customizable Button Text & Position

Store owners have the freedom to choose where the Request a Quote button appears on their site and what it says, ensuring it aligns with their brand’s messaging.

User Role Restrictions

The plugin offers an option to display the quote button based on user roles. This means if a store owner only wants to offer custom quotes to wholesalers or specific user groups, they can set it up accordingly.

Automatic Quote Generation

Once a customer submits a quote request, the plugin automatically generates a detailed quote based on the items in their basket. This quote can then be modified by the store owner before sending it to the customer.

Seamless Integration with WooCommerce

The Request a Quote plugin integrates flawlessly with the WooCommerce system, ensuring a seamless experience for both store owners and customers.

Notification System

Both the store owner and the customer receive notifications when a quote is requested and when it’s updated. This ensures timely responses and helps in maintaining efficient communication.

Custom Forms and Fields

For businesses that need more information from customers before providing a quote, the plugin supports adding custom fields to the request form. This can be useful for gathering specific details about custom orders or shipping requirements.

Quote History

Customers have the convenience of viewing their quote history, allowing them to refer back to previous negotiations or orders.

Compatibility with Other Plugins

One of the standout features is its compatibility with other WooCommerce extensions. This ensures that store owners can keep their existing setup and add-ons without any disruption.

Download Request a Quote for WooCommerce

The Request a Quote plugin for WooCommerce Free Download is more than just a tool; it’s a gateway to enhanced customer interactions and business growth. By giving customers the option to request a quote, businesses can cater to a broader audience, especially those who operate in sectors where prices are often negotiated or tailored to specific needs. Whether you’re a B2B company dealing with bulk orders or a niche store offering customized products, this plugin provides the flexibility and functionality needed to thrive in the dynamic world of e-commerce.

For any WooCommerce store owner aiming to offer a personalized buying experience, this plugin is a game-changer. The world of e-commerce is no longer just about one-size-fits-all pricing. It’s about understanding customer needs, fostering direct communication, and creating opportunities for mutual benefit. The Request a Quote plugin does just that, making it an indispensable tool in the modern e-commerce toolkit.


Version 2.6.3RELEASED ON 2024-03-02

  • Fixed quote page creation issue.
  • Typo fixed in PDF file.
  • Add enable or disable PDF download for customers.

Version 2.6.2RELEASED ON 2024-01-29

  • Multiple Qoute Page Creation Issue.

Version 2.6.1RELEASED ON 2024-01-24

  • Qoute Page Creation Issue.

Version 2.6.0RELEASED ON 2024-01-05

  • Qoute PDF.

Version 2.5.1RELEASED ON 2023-08-16

  • Typo fixes.

Version 2.5.0RELEASED ON 2023-08-10

  • Compatible with WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS).
  • Compatibility updated for latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.

Version 2.4.9RELEASED ON 2023-03-31

  • Blocked access to quote page via direct link.
  • Fixed translation issue for “SKU”.

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