B2BKing (v5.1.00 Free Download) The Ultimate WooCommerce B2B & Wholesale Plugin

B2BKing The Ultimate WooCommerce B2B & Wholesale Plugin Nulled emerges as a powerful and comprehensive solution, redefining the B2B and wholesale landscape on WooCommerce. This plugin stands as the ultimate tool for businesses looking to streamline their B2B operations, offering a plethora of features designed specifically for the complex needs of B2B and wholesale transactions.

Designed with the intricacies of B2B and wholesale trade in mind, B2BKing takes the standard WooCommerce experience and elevates it to meet the specific demands of B2B e-commerce. It’s not just an add-on; it’s a complete overhaul of the WooCommerce environment, tailored for the unique challenges of the B2B sector.

Feature-rich and Versatile

  1. Dynamic Pricing and Discounts: B2BKing enables dynamic pricing structures, allowing for volume-based pricing, tiered discounts, and personalized pricing for different customer groups.
  2. Bulk Order Form: Streamlines the ordering process for B2B customers, allowing for quick and easy bulk orders directly from a single, comprehensive form.
  3. Extended Business Registration: Offers a detailed registration process tailored for business users, collecting all necessary information like VAT, company ID, and more.
  4. Customizable B2B Dashboard: Provides a specialized dashboard for B2B users, offering a tailored experience with quick access to essential features like bulk orders, credit lines, and order lists.
  5. Wholesale Order Approvals: Introduces an approval system for wholesale orders, enabling businesses to review and approve orders before processing.
  6. Tax Exemptions and VAT Handling: Manages complex tax situations typical in B2B transactions, including VAT exemptions and reverse charge mechanisms.
  7. Conversations and Messaging System: Facilitates direct communication between buyers and sellers within the platform, enhancing the negotiation and purchasing process.
  8. Multiple User Roles and Permissions: Supports various user roles within a single organization, each with custom permissions, reflecting the complex structure of B2B businesses.
  9. Purchase Order Gateway: Incorporates a purchase order payment gateway, allowing customers to place orders on credit, subject to later payment.
  10. Quotation System: Enables customers to request quotes directly through the platform, which can then be negotiated and converted into orders.
  11. Product Visibility Control: Offers control over which products are visible to which customer groups, allowing for exclusive products or pricing.
  12. Extended Reporting and Analytics: Provides in-depth reporting and analytics specifically designed for B2B transactions, offering insights into sales, customer behavior, and more.
  13. Credit Lines and Net Terms: Allows offering credit lines and net payment terms to customers, facilitating larger orders and better cash flow management.
  14. Custom Billing Fields: Supports complex billing requirements with customizable billing fields, essential for B2B transactions.
  15. Shipping Management: Tailors shipping options and pricing for B2B customers, accommodating the specific needs of wholesale shipping.
  16. Order Minimums and Maximums: Sets minimum and maximum order thresholds, ensuring order sizes align with wholesale requirements.
  17. Tiered Pricing Structure: Implements a tiered pricing model, offering discounts based on quantity or user roles.
  18. Multiple Currencies and Language Support: Accommodates international transactions with multi-currency and language support, crucial for global B2B operations.
  19. B2B Registration Forms: Customizable registration forms cater specifically to B2B clients, ensuring all relevant business information is captured.
  20. Hide Prices for Guests: Provides the option to hide prices from unregistered users, a common requirement in B2B environments.
  21. Request a Callback Feature: Adds an option for customers to request callbacks, facilitating direct communication.
  22. Subaccount Management: Allows the creation of subaccounts under a single company account, mirroring the hierarchical structure of businesses.
  23. Comprehensive Documentation and Support: Offers extensive documentation and professional support, guiding users through the setup and use of the plugin.

Conclusion: B2BKing – The Definitive WooCommerce B2B Solution

B2BKing The Ultimate WooCommerce B2B & Wholesale Plugin Free Download stands out as an all-encompassing solution for transforming a WooCommerce site into a fully-fledged B2B and wholesale platform. Its wide array of features addresses the nuanced and complex needs of B2B e-commerce, from pricing and ordering to communication and shipping. Whether you’re a small business venturing into B2B sales or an established wholesale distributor, B2BKing provides the tools and functionality needed to succeed in the competitive world of B2B e-commerce. With B2BKing, businesses can confidently navigate the B2B landscape, assured of a plugin that understands and caters to their unique needs.


Version 5.1.00 - July 10th, 2024

- Tiered pricing integration for manual backend orders.

- Min / max / step integration with Blocks cart


- Hotfix for frontend JS error
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