Demandium (v2.6 Free Download) Multi Provider On Demand, Handyman, Home service App with admin panel

Demandium Multi Provider On Demand, Handyman, Home service App with admin panel Nulled emerges as a comprehensive and innovative platform for on-demand service booking, developed using the Laravel and Flutter frameworks. This platform is a one-stop solution for businesses aiming to establish a service marketplace. With its multi-provider support and user-friendly interface, Demandium is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to swiftly grow their home service businesses.

Demandium blends cutting-edge technology with daily life service experiences, revolutionizing the service industry. Developed by 6amTech, known for its industry-standard software solutions, this platform offers reliability and sophistication in system design and architecture. It’s not just a booking service platform; it’s a catalyst for business transformation in the on-demand service sector.

Advanced Features: Tailoring the On-Demand Experience

Single Page Checkout

The single-page checkout system streamlines the booking process, making it quick and efficient. Customers enjoy a hassle-free checkout experience without navigating through multiple pages.

Live Color Scheme Builder

This feature allows for real-time customization of the platform’s color scheme, enabling unique branding and visual aesthetics that align with business identity.

Comprehensive Page Manager

Modeled after WordPress Gutenberg, this modern page manager simplifies page configuration and editing. It’s user-friendly, requiring no coding skills, ideal for quick and easy page management.

Multilingual Support

Catering to a global audience, Demandium supports multiple languages, allowing content creation and management in various languages while maintaining consistent URLs.

Zone-wise Service Provision

Administrators can create and manage multiple business zones, tailoring services to meet the specific needs of local customers, enhancing service relevance and efficiency.

Light/Dark Mode

This feature offers both light and dark modes across all applications, providing a comfortable user experience based on individual preferences or ambient lighting conditions.

Scheduled Booking System

Customers can schedule services at their convenience, selecting preferred dates and times. This flexibility leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Booking Order Tracking

Enables customers to track their booking orders, offering transparency and reassurance about their service status.

Direct Service Booking

Customers have the option to book services directly with their chosen providers, facilitating a more direct and personalized service experience.

Customized Booking Requests

This feature allows customers to request specific, tailor-made services, ensuring their exact needs are met.

Provider Bidding Option

Service providers can bid on customized bookings, creating a competitive environment that can lead to better pricing and service options for customers.

Various Service Discounts

Demandium features various discounts through coupons and promotional campaigns, enhancing customer engagement and incentivizing repeat business.

Multiple Payment Methods

The platform supports diverse payment options, including digital payments and wallet payments, offering convenience and flexibility to customers.

Wallets & Loyalty Points

The integration of a virtual wallet system with loyalty points rewards customers, encouraging ongoing engagement and enhancing customer loyalty.

Referral Program

A referral system allows customers to earn points by referring new users, fostering community growth and rewarding customer loyalty.

Promotional Banners

Administrators can create attractive banners to highlight services and promotions, effectively increasing visibility and attracting customer interest.

Push Notifications

Customizable push notifications can be targeted to different user groups and business zones, ensuring relevant and timely communication.

A smart search feature provides suggestions and recommendations, enhancing the customer experience with efficient and relevant search results.

Comprehensive Help & Support

Various support channels, including chat and email, ensure users can easily get assistance and have their queries resolved promptly.

Booking and Transaction Histories

Users can view detailed histories of their bookings and transactions, aiding in record-keeping and transparency.

Multiple Address Saving

Customers can save multiple addresses in their profiles, streamlining future booking processes.

Multiple Login Options

With various login options, including social media, Demandium offers an accessible and convenient way for users to access their accounts.

Account Deletion Option

Users are empowered with the ability to delete their accounts, offering control over their personal data and privacy.

Administrators can easily edit the content of legal pages, ensuring that policies such as privacy and terms are up to date.

Provider Panel Dashboard

A comprehensive dashboard for providers offers insightful business analytics and management tools.

Serviceman Management

Providers can effectively manage their workforce, adding, editing, and removing servicemen as needed.

Invoice Generation

The platform allows for the generation and printing of invoices, streamlining the transaction process for all parties involved.

New Service Request Feature

Providers and customers can request new services, encouraging continuous improvement and expansion of service offerings.

Self-Registration for Providers and Customers

The self-registration feature simplifies the onboarding process for new users, enhancing platform growth.

Database Backup Option

Admins can back up the entire database, ensuring data security and recovery in the event of system failures.

Business Website Integration

Demandium includes a business website, offering a centralized platform for service promotion and business growth.

Login Recaptcha

Enhanced security during login is provided through a recaptcha system, protecting against unauthorized access.

Employee Role Management

Administrators can define and manage employee roles, adding structure and clarity to organizational responsibilities.

Conclusion: Demandium – A Comprehensive On-Demand Service Solution

Demandium Multi Provider On Demand, Handyman, Home service App with admin panel Free Download stands out as a comprehensive, feature-rich platform for on-demand service booking. Its extensive array of features caters to both service providers and customers, offering a seamless, efficient, and customizable experience. From multilingual support to dynamic booking systems, Demandium is poised to revolutionize the on-demand service industry, making it an essential tool for businesses looking to thrive in this competitive market.


Version 2.6, 21 May 2024
- Introduced a paid Ads section where sellers can pay the admin to promote their store or pages in the designated Ads section
- Implemented multilevel advanced menu searching in both the admin and provider panels for easier navigation and management
- Enhanced employee role access feature, added section-wise add, edit, delete, and download access
- Enhanced service search functionality in both web and apps, allowing searches by name, category, subcategory, description, FAQ, and tags
- Added filter options on the search page including high to low, low to high, trending, popular, and newest service
- Enabled category-wise filter on the search page for more refined search results
- Introduced the “Nearby providers” feature and enabled customers to book the nearest service provider directly
-Overall UI/UX and lots of small functionalities improvement to enhance system functionality and user experience
- Fixed some issues
- Optimised some queries and APIs
- Made the app compatible with Flutter's new version 3.22.0
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