Facit (v4.3.4 Nulled) React Admin Dashboard Template

Facit Template Nulled is a versatile and sophisticated React admin dashboard template, meticulously crafted using Bootstrap 5.3.0 and React versions 17 & 18. It’s an ideal solution for developers looking to create high-performance, responsive admin panels or dashboard interfaces for various applications.

Introduction: Elevating Admin Dashboards with Facit React

Facit introduces a new era in admin dashboard development. Combining the power of React with the flexibility of Bootstrap, it offers an unmatched toolkit for building dynamic, responsive, and feature-rich admin interfaces. It’s a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, tailored for the modern web.

Overview: A Fusion of React and Bootstrap for Dynamic Dashboards

Facit React Admin Dashboard Template Free Download leverages the latest in web technologies to provide a seamless experience. With support for both React 17 & 18, it ensures compatibility and performance. The integration of Bootstrap 5.3.0 brings responsiveness and customization to the forefront, allowing developers to craft intuitive and adaptable UIs.

Key Features

  1. Diverse Calendar Formats: Offers calendars in monthly, weekly, daily, and agenda formats, ideal for rental services and scheduling applications.
  2. React Apexchart Integration: Ready for data presentation, enabling stunning graphical data displays.
  3. Formik Compatibility: Ensures ease of use for form setting screens, enhancing user experience and functionality.
  4. Customizable Layout and UI Components: Offers flexibility in UI design, with easy customization through the Bootstrap API.
  5. Component Prototyping: Change default proptypes for tailored component usage, or create new ones by combining existing components.
  6. Varied Page Examples: Includes list, grid, arrangement, and one-page examples for versatile project applications.
  7. Sample Authorization Sheets: Ready-to-use templates that can be easily modified to suit different security needs.
  8. Comprehensive Documentation: Detailed instructions and examples for small React UI components, simplifying the development process.
  9. Storybook Integration: Allows instant preview of component changes, facilitating team collaboration and feedback.


Facit template is designed for a broad range of applications including sales, products, transactions, chat, appointments, and informational dashboards.

Support and Updates

  • Continuous Package Updates: All packages are up-to-date, ensuring reliability and security for all projects.
  • Regular Security Audits: Conducted to guarantee no vulnerabilities, providing peace of mind in application development.

Credits and Technologies

  • Latest React Versions: React 17.0.2 & 18.2.0, along with Create React App 5+, Vite 4+, and NextJS 13+.
  • Advanced React Technologies: Including React Router Dom 6, React Context, and over 80 React hooks.
  • Modern UI Tools: Bootstrap 5.3.0, Material and SVG Icons, SCSS compatibility, and Formik for form management.
  • Additional Libraries: Apexchart, React Big Calendar, React Date Range, Popper, Framer Motion 10, and more.

Conclusion: Unleashing Potential with Facit React – A Comprehensive React Admin Solution

Facit stands as a benchmark in React admin dashboard templates. Its comprehensive feature set, combined with intuitive design and extensive customization options, positions it as an essential tool for developers. Whether creating admin panels for e-commerce platforms, managing complex data, or building interactive user interfaces, Facit React provides the versatility and functionality needed to excel. Its focus on up-to-date technologies and continuous updates ensures that it remains at the forefront of admin dashboard development. Facit React is not just a template; it’s a gateway to efficient, responsive, and visually appealing dashboard creation, empowering developers to build cutting-edge solutions in the dynamic world of web applications.


—– Version 4.3.4 – (19 Jan 2024) —–

  • Dependencies update
  • Aside responsive fixed

—– Version 4.3.3 – (4 Jan 2024) —–

  • Dependencies update

—– Version 4.3.2 – (21 Dec 2023) —–

  • Dependencies update

—– Version 4.3.1 – (15 Aug 2023) —–

  • Dependencies update
  • Minor bug fixed
  • Fixed safari blur effect
  • Fixed overlay staying open when logging out

—– Version 4.3.0 – (2 Jun 2023) —–

  • Dependencies update
  • Switched to using react-credit-card-2 instead of react-credit-card
  • Switched to using react-toastify instead of react-toast-notification
  • Minor bug fixed

—– Version 4.2.0 – (30 Mar 2023) —–

  • Dependencies update
  • Upgraded to Bootstrap 5.3.0
  • moment is deprecated. It uses dayjs instead of moment.
  • Some minor bugs have been fixed.

—– Version 4.1.6 – (25 Feb 2023) —–

  • Dependencies update

—– Version 4.1.5 – (1 Jan 2023) —–

  • Dependencies update

—– Version 4.1.4 – (8 Dec 2022) —–

  • Dependencies update
  • Card dark mode fixed
  • Calendar view bug fixed
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