Listar FluxPro (v1.2.9) Flutter mobile directory listing & booking – WordPress Backend Free Download

Listar FluxPro Flutter mobile directory listing & booking – WordPress Backend Free Download is a cutting-edge mobile directory listing app designed for the classified directory listing industry and booking services. Powered by the Flutter Framework developed by Google and seamlessly integrated with WordPress backend, Listar FluxPro offers a robust and versatile solution for various mobile directory listing needs. Whether it’s a store locator, tourist or city guide, event directory, attraction places, or real estate directory, Listar FluxPro provides a feature-rich platform to create dynamic and engaging directory listings.

Seamless Integration with Flutter Framework and WordPress Backend: Listar FluxPro leverages the Flutter Framework, a cross-platform development framework developed by Google, to deliver a seamless and high-performance mobile experience. The Flutter framework ensures that Listar FluxPro offers smooth performance, beautiful UI designs, and native-like user experiences across both iOS and Android platforms.

Additionally, Listar FluxPro is powered by WordPress backend, providing users with a familiar and powerful content management system to manage directory listings, content, and settings. The integration with WordPress backend enables easy management of directory listings, allowing users to update and maintain their listings effortlessly.

Versatile Directory Listing Capabilities: Listar FluxPro Flutter mobile directory listing & booking – WordPress Backend Nulled is highly versatile and adaptable, catering to various directory listing needs. Whether users are looking to create a store locator for businesses, a comprehensive tourist or city guide, an event directory, an attraction places listing, or a real estate directory, Listar FluxPro offers the flexibility and functionality to accommodate diverse listing requirements.

The app supports various listing types, including businesses, events, attractions, and real estate properties, allowing users to create and manage different types of listings with ease. Users can add detailed information, including descriptions, images, contact details, location maps, and more, to ensure comprehensive and informative directory listings.

Dynamic and Engaging User Experience: Listar FluxPro delivers a dynamic and engaging user experience, designed to captivate users and encourage interaction with directory listings. The app features intuitive navigation, sleek UI designs, and interactive elements that make browsing and exploring directory listings a seamless and enjoyable experience for users.

With features such as advanced search functionality, category filters, location-based search, and bookmarking capabilities, Listar FluxPro Free Download empowers users to find relevant listings quickly and easily. Users can also interact with listings by leaving reviews, ratings, and comments, enhancing engagement and providing valuable feedback to listing owners.

Listar FluxPro is a state-of-the-art mobile directory listing app that revolutionizes the way directory listings are created, managed, and accessed. With its seamless integration with Flutter Framework and WordPress backend, versatile directory listing capabilities, and dynamic user experience, Listar FluxPro is the ultimate solution for businesses and organizations in the classified directory listing industry and booking services. Whether it’s creating a store locator, tourist guide, event directory, or real estate listing, Listar FluxPro Nulled offers the tools and functionality to create dynamic and engaging directory listings that cater to diverse user needs.

Listar FluxPro Changelog

v1.2.8 – 23 Jan 2024

- Home Widget optimize support basic header
- Customize select option header: allow setup what location, category for select 
- Hide tax field optional 
- Icon add listing 
- Remove pending, deleted listing when searching 
- Improve Detail Listing hidden field options
- Fix issue fetch Booking list infinite loading
- Improve fetch user location
- Add search history 
- Fix blog show wrong user's photo profile 
- Add icon show current location on map 
- Improve UI/UX, upgrade lasted dependency, Flutter SDK
- Import CSV listing: support booking price, skip download image if image was existed on system

v1.2.7 – 07 Jan 2024

- Support widget layout & customize home screen by backend 
- Customize UI home screen by backend: category, location, listing, banner, Google Admob 
- Support WordPress Blog 
- Move add listing feature on the top UI 
- Fix can't load default image
- Improve sign up account with non special character
- Fix can't set GPS when user add new listing data
- Support migration data from other system by import csv 
- Support import/export CSV format: listing, category, location, feature 
- Add Poppins font as default 

v1.2.6 – 30 Sep 2023

- Support last SDK Flutter Channel stable 3.13.6
- Update lasted dependency & migrate libs deprecate
- Fix splash loading optional field listing detail
- Fix parse location data listing

v1.2.5 – 05 Sep 2023

- Support Flutter version 3.13.0 on channel stable
- Upgrade lasted libs dependency
- Remove WordPress theme source code

v1.2.4 – 23 May 2023

- Support lasted Flutter SDK 3.10.1 & lasted dependency
- Fix issue Gradle Android Android Studio Flamingo
- Support dependencies: intl 0.18.0

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