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The digital age has amplified the need for proper attribution and collaborative publishing. PublishPress Authors Pro Nulled emerges as a stellar solution for WordPress sites that require sophisticated author management and attribution functionalities.

PublishPress Authors Pro is an innovative plugin that enhances WordPress websites by providing advanced options for displaying and managing authors. Tailored for websites with multiple content creators, this plugin introduces a suite of features designed to acknowledge individual contributions accurately and elegantly.


  1. Multiple Authors for Posts: Breaking free from WordPress’s default single-author constraint, PublishPress Authors Pro enables the assignment of multiple authors to a single post, reflecting the collaborative nature of modern content creation.
  2. Customizable Author Profiles: Create detailed author profiles with biographies, avatars, and additional custom fields. These profiles serve as a testament to each author’s identity and contributions.
  3. Flexible Display Options: Select from various layouts to showcase author information on posts, ensuring that the presentation aligns with your site’s aesthetic and brand identity.
  4. Guest Authors Feature: Allow non-registered individuals to be credited as authors, making it perfect for guest posts and contributor-based content without creating WordPress accounts.
  5. Co-Author Management: Effortlessly manage co-authors with a user-friendly interface, ensuring that each contributor receives proper recognition for their work.
  6. Shortcodes and Widgets: Implement shortcodes and widgets to display author information anywhere on your site, providing flexibility in how and where you acknowledge content creators.
  7. Compatible with Multiple User Roles: Seamlessly integrate with WordPress’s user role system, enabling a diverse range of contributors, from administrators to subscribers, to be credited as authors.
  8. Custom Author Slugs: Customize the URL slugs for author profiles, enhancing SEO and creating cleaner, more professional-looking links to author pages.
  9. Integration with Popular Themes and Plugins: PublishPress Authors Pro Nulled works in harmony with leading WordPress themes and plugins, ensuring compatibility and smooth operation across your site.
  10. Structured Data Support: Improve your site’s search engine visibility by incorporating structured data, making it easier for search engines to understand and display author information.
  11. Automatic Author Assignment: Automate the author assignment process based on predefined criteria, saving time and streamlining content publication workflows.
  12. Developer-Friendly: Built with developers in mind, PublishPress Authors Pro offers hooks and filters for custom integrations and enhancements.

PublishPress Authors Pro Nulled is an indispensable plugin for WordPress sites that value the contributions of multiple authors. Its comprehensive feature set addresses the intricacies of author management, making it an essential tool for websites that thrive on collaborative content creation.

From multi-author posts to intricate author profiles, this plugin empowers website administrators to provide accurate and attractive attribution, fostering an environment of recognition and professionalism. With its user-friendly interface and compatibility with a broad range of themes and plugins, PublishPress Authors Pro seamlessly integrates into any WordPress site.

Whether you run a news portal, a collaborative blog, or any platform that relies on the contributions of multiple authors, PublishPress Authors Pro is the tool that bridges the gap between simple attribution and sophisticated author management. By choosing PublishPress Authors Pro, you’re not just enhancing your website; you’re honoring the people behind your content and elevating the standard of digital authorship.


= [4.7.1] – 10 July 2024 =

* Update: Add Trash feature to Authors Lists, #1848
* Fixed: Author Box Export Template not same as layout, #1754
* Update: Add redirect for new installs, #1796
* Fixed: Deprecated Message on PHP 8.3, #1858
* Update: Add a bulk edit action to switch “Guest Author” to “Guest Author With User Account”, #1859
* Fixed: Support for Divi Guest author, #1856
* Update: Make Author Lists title required, #1845
* Update: Add documentation link for Author Pages, #1843
* Update: Update promo box, #1840
* Update: Authors Translation Updates_v.4.7.0, #1853

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