Breakdance Pro Free Download (v2.0.0)

Breakdance Pro Nulled RC1 Final is an innovative website builder designed to redefine the way websites are created and managed. As the demand for more intuitive and flexible web design tools increases, Breakdance Pro RC1 Final emerges as a solution that combines ease of use with advanced functionality. It positions itself as the website builder that professionals and amateurs alike have always wanted, offering a wide range of features to create stunning and efficient websites.

The digital landscape requires website builders that are not only user-friendly but also packed with advanced features to cater to the evolving needs of web designers and developers. Breakdance Pro RC1 Final steps into this space as a comprehensive website builder, offering an array of tools and functionalities that simplify the web design process while allowing for creative freedom and technical precision.

Breakdance Pro NulledRC1 Final is a WordPress-based website builder that targets a broad user base, from professional web designers to business owners looking to create their websites. It stands out with its intuitive interface and extensive customization options, making web design accessible to users of all skill levels. The builder is equipped with a plethora of features that cater to the creation of diverse website types, including corporate sites, portfolios, blogs, and e-commerce platforms.


  1. Intuitive Drag-and-Drop Editor: The builder features a drag-and-drop editor, allowing users to easily add, arrange, and customize elements on their web pages.
  2. Extensive Element Library: Breakdance Pro RC1 Final offers a vast library of elements, including text, images, buttons, and more, enabling users to build complex layouts without coding.
  3. Responsive Design Controls: The tool provides advanced controls for responsive design, ensuring that websites look great and function well across all devices.
  4. Advanced Styling Options: Users have access to a wide range of styling options, including typography, color palettes, and CSS effects, to create unique and visually appealing designs.
  5. SEO Optimization Tools: The builder includes SEO tools to help optimize web pages for search engines, enhancing online visibility.
  6. E-commerce Integration: Breakdance Pro RC1 Final supports seamless integration with WooCommerce, making it easy to create and manage online stores.
  7. Customizable Headers and Footers: Users can design custom headers and footers, providing flexibility in branding and navigation layout.
  8. Pre-Designed Templates: The builder offers a selection of pre-designed templates, which can be customized to fit specific design requirements.
  9. Dynamic Content Functionality: Breakdance Pro RC1 Final allows for the integration of dynamic content, enabling the creation of content-rich and interactive websites.
  10. Third-Party Plugin Compatibility: The tool is compatible with a wide range of WordPress plugins, extending its functionality and versatility.
  11. Regular Updates and Support: Users of Breakdance Pro RC1 Final receive regular updates, ensuring compatibility with the latest web technologies and WordPress versions. Professional support is also provided.

Breakdance Pro Free Download RC1 Final The Website Builder You Always Wanted stands out as a groundbreaking tool in the realm of web design. Its blend of user-friendly interface, advanced design capabilities, and diverse feature set makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to build a professional-quality website. Whether for a personal project, a business venture, or a creative portfolio, Breakdance Pro RC1 Final provides the tools and flexibility needed to create a standout online presence. With its focus on responsive design, SEO, and e-commerce integration, this website builder is well-equipped to meet the demands of the modern digital landscape, catering to both technical experts and novices in the world of web design.


Breakdance v2.

New Features
New Layout Engine
CSS Grid Layout Controls in Design tab
CSS Grid Layout Controls in Design tab
More Keyboard Shortcuts
Design Presets
Migration Mode
Element: Menu Custom Area
Element: Content Reveal
Element: Badge
Element: Pulse Dot
AnalyticsWP Integration for Form Conversion Tracking
Copy and Paste: Control Section Properties
Copy and Paste: Multiple Sections
Global Settings: Import / Export
WPCodeBox Integration Proof of Concept (working integration will ship in beta 2)
Breakdance AI
General Polish, Fixes, and Enhancements:
Google Fonts – Add the latest fonts
Upgrade Stock Icons – To Font Awesome 6 Free
Forms i18n
A11y Polish
Fix Menu Builder A11y – When a form was used inside a menu custom dropdown
Animations – API to re-run entrance animations
Hide Admin Notices – From templates page
Icon Search – Improve it, make it work without hyphens
Adding Classes – Ignore enter press if an autocomplete item is selected
Border Settings – Fix not appearing when set in certain combinations
TinyMCE – Fix editor not loading in certain situations
Border Settings UI – Make control vertical
Number Input – Make it less restrictive
Gutenberg – Make image alignment work in cases where it was broken by default 100% width on the figure tag
Remove Empty Gutenberg Stylesheet – From the frontend
PageSpeed Insights – Fixes
Fix Global Blocks – Make duplicates have unique IDs
Conditions – Prevent null post titles from causing an IO-TS error
Builder – Don’t fire element actions if element is not on the page
Fix Setup Wizard – Deprecated notice
Fix UI – Word-wrap behavior
Right Click Menu UI – Fix inherited document styles
Sticky Offset – Fix media query
Media Resizer – If WordPress returns an error, show the error message text
Fix – Handle undefined array access errors on form actions in some cases
Element Enhancements & Fixes
Sliders – Advanced: One per view at, enable never breakpoint
Sliders – Advanced: Add initial slide option
Gallery – Fix width option at Design > Slider Images when used as slider
Gallery – Fix vertical align option at Design > Slider Images when used as slider
Sliders – Fix behavior when you have fewer slides than the viewport width
Image – Add object position
Section – Fix Ken Burns origin not working
FAQ – Smooth transition
Advanced Tabs – Support opening on hover
Image Element – Remove line breaks inside the `` tag
Fix Twitter Timeline – Not showing up
Sliders – Add option to disable keyboard control
Slider – Support slides per group
Slider & Animated Elements – Re-run animations on slide change
Tabs & Animated Elements – Re-run animations on tab change
Swiper – Set default aria role as `generic`
Facebook Like Button – Fix not appearing
Lightboxes – Don’t render duplicate slides
Comment Form – Fix: Always show comment field as required
Login Form – Fix: Remember me not working
Tabs – Customize width when vertical
Basic Slider – Add more HTML tag choices for titles
Fancy Testimonial – Use p, not h3
TOC Element – HTML tag choices for title
TOC Element – Don’t render headings from within popups
Adjacent Posts – HTML tag choice for post titles
Twitter Icons – Change to new X logo and brand color
Video Background – Add warning about 3rd party services
Image – Fix missing sizes attribute in some cases
Icon – Fix responsive padding not working
Comments List – Rename itemprop attribute value
Rich Text – Add missing img alignment classes for TinyMCE
Image Hover Card – Fix whitespace below card if link is set
TOC Element – Fix: Ignore selectors not working
Image Box – Add object fit, object position, add height
Add spaces to element names
Lightboxes – Remove hardcoded background color
Adjacent Posts – Add missing hook param for better compatibility with YITH Ajax Filter plugin
Comment Form – Only show cookie opt-in if global option is set
Fancy Divider – Support heading HTML tag choice
Menu Builder – Fix dropdown radius not working for images
Typography – Fix text decoration thickness hover setting not working
Circle Counter – Start animation when entering view
Post List – A11Y: Set ee-post-image-link aria-label to post title
Image Accordion – A11Y: Set the aria-label to accordion title
Icon Box – Change default title tag to P
Image Box – Change default title tag to P
Mini Cart – Set the aria-label to “View Cart” i18n text from WooCommerce
Simple Counter – Change default tag for number to P
Post Loop Builder – Fix builder preview not working when set to slider
Posts List – Remove hardcoded dots, use wp_trim_words instead
Posts List & Post Loop Builder – Support offset when using pagination
Popups – Fix reduced motion UI setting breaking popups
Search Form – Fix unclickable close button/close button appearing behind WP admin bar
Search Form – A11Y: Ensure elements are unfocusable when the search dialog is hidden
Search Form – Fix: Label pointing to the wrong id
Post Loop Builder – When set to slider layout and used via global block, the slider breaks when that global block is used more than once on the same page
Global Blocks – Ensure unique block ID for each unique instance of a global block
TOC Element – Fix onProperyChanges error if container does not exist
Popups – Fix breakpoint conditions
Posts List / Post Loop Builder – Filter bar – Support sorting terms by name, term_order, count, and hide uncategorized
Posts List / Post Loop Builder – Filter bar – Option to hide ‘Uncategorized’ category
Header Builder – better sticky and offset controls
Design Library
Design Library – Add apply_filters in getDesignProviders
Design Library – Update URLs when importing a design set
Design Library – Improve position of “Add to Page” button
Design Library – UI polish
MailChimp Integration – If subscriber already exists, update the list member information
ActiveCampaign Integration – Fixes and improvements
Form Submissions – Fix fatal error on submissions page if submission record in database contains invalid serialized data
Form Submissions – Fix date formatting
Form Submissions – Fix form submissions when combining filters
Email Action – Fix attachments not being sent when store submission is active but “store uploaded files” is disabled; add missing esc_html to the Email Action details dialog
Email Action – Escape email headers before passing them to wp_email and saving them to the database
Email Action – Ensure names like O’Brien are not improperly escaped
Email Action – Add CC support
Email Action – Add BCC support
Webhook Action – Allow JSON as body in webhook requests
Form Builder – Add option to hide labels for individual fields
Form Builder – Make required tooltip appear for file upload input
Form Builder – Fix conditional fields not appearing in certain cases
Form Builder – Enable all operands for use with conditional field display when using checkbox and radio form fields
Form Builder – Fix conditional display of fields relying on a number field that is set with the + / – buttons
Form Builder – Fix min value requirement when using + / – buttons
Form Builder – Fix double quotation marks in field labels causing formatting problems
Dynamic Data
Dynamically Set Images – Add srcset and sizes
ACF Integration – Fix custom fields not being available in the dynamic data chooser in some cases
Meta Box Integration – Fix custom fields not being available in the dynamic data chooser in some cases
Show All Dynamic Fields – In the chooser at all times
Conditions Chooser UI – Add autocomplete
Conditions – Allow using the same condition multiple times with AND
Support Truncating – Multi-byte characters, and strip HTML from truncated text
Video Element – Support dynamic data for setting poster images
Woo – Improve i18n
Woo – Support transparent product images
Woo – Fix loading required files even if Woo styles are disabled
Woo – Price as dynamic data: use get_price_html function, which includes currency symbol automatically
Woo – Prevent SSR error in the builder when cart is hidden
Woo – Prevent Mini Cart from throwing an error when it is hidden (the Woo PayPal Elements plugin hides the Mini Cart widget on the cart page on purpose)
Woo – Products List: Hide out of stock not being respected
Woo – Quantity input: hide if only one item per cart is allowed
Woo – Checkout: fix order review form position after Woo update
Woo – Mini Cart: Fix padding-right shifting design
Woo – Mini Cart: Compatibility with entrance and scrolling animations
Element Studio
Element Studio – Make arrays in code output cleaner
Element Studio – Remove paths that start with settings from dynamic properties on save
Element Studio – Replace deprecated get_class function
Element Studio – Add svw and svh units
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