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The digital era has brought forth a plethora of tools and plugins to enhance user experience on websites, but when it comes to creating directories on WordPress, one tool stands out among the rest: Directories Pro Nulled. As more businesses and individuals understand the power of organized, easily accessible information, directory plugins have grown in popularity. Directories Pro is a testament to this trend, offering a feature-rich platform designed to address the dynamic needs of modern websites.


Directories Pro is not just another plugin on the market. It has been meticulously designed for WordPress users who seek to add a robust and customizable directory to their website without diving into complex coding. Whether you’re aiming to build a local business directory, a directory of service providers, or any other niche-specific listing, this plugin is versatile enough to cater to a broad spectrum of requirements.

The beauty of Directories Pro Free Download lies in its adaptability. It seamlessly integrates with the WordPress platform, ensuring that the addition of directories feels native and not tacked-on. This means users get the experience of a premium feature while website administrators enjoy the simplicity of the WordPress backend.

Features That Set It Apart

Custom Fields and Filters

With this plugin, you can add custom fields to your listings, enhancing the details and depth of information available. Moreover, you can set up filters based on these fields, making the search process more refined and user-friendly.

Flexible Payment Plans

If you’re looking to monetize your directory, Directories Pro has you covered. It offers a built-in payment system, allowing you to create fixed, subscription-based, or even free plans. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.

Frontend Dashboard

Directories Pro provides users with a frontend dashboard where they can manage their listings, see statistics, and handle their invoices. This ensures an enhanced user experience, as visitors don’t need to enter the WordPress backend.

Interactive Map Display

Geolocation is key for many directories, and with Directories Pro, you can display listings on an interactive map. This is especially beneficial for local businesses and service providers.

Fully Responsive

Understanding the diverse range of devices users may access directories from, Directories Pro is fully responsive. It ensures that your listings look impeccable whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Customizable & SEO-Friendly

The plugin offers a range of customizable templates to make sure the directory aligns with your website’s aesthetics. Additionally, with SEO-friendly URLs and integration with popular SEO plugins, it ensures that your directory ranks well on search engines.

Multilingual Support

Catering to a global audience? Directories Pro supports WPML, allowing your directory to be accessible in multiple languages. This widens your reach and enhances the user experience for non-English speakers.

Advanced Search & Filtering

Beyond basic search functionalities, The plugin provides advanced search capabilities. Users can filter by categories, keywords, locations, and other custom fields, ensuring they find exactly what they’re looking for.

Review & Rating System

Engage your users even further by allowing them to leave reviews and ratings on the listings. This fosters a sense of community and offers invaluable feedback to those listed.

Conclusion: Why Directories Pro Stands Out

In the vast ocean of WordPress plugins, Directories Pro shines as a beacon for those seeking a comprehensive directory solution. Its diverse features, coupled with a user-centric approach, make it a must-have for any website looking to add a directory.

When you incorporate Directories Pro into your website, you’re not just adding a tool; you’re enhancing the overall user experience, offering visitors detailed, organized, and easy-to-navigate listings. Whether for monetization, community-building, or simply to offer a value-added service, Directories Pro is your ideal partner. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, this plugin ensures you’re always ahead, providing features and functionalities that modern users demand. In a nutshell, Directories Pro isn’t just a plugin; it’s an investment in your website’s future.


v1.14.5 - Jun 4, 2024
Bug fixed: Issues with translating custom strings for form/display/filter elements.
Bug fixed: Custom label texts were not being displayed since the last update.
Bug fixed: Exiting Street View on Google Maps was not possible without reloading the page.
Improved: Compatibility with the Astra theme.
Improved: Show discounted price in the Subscriptions panel on the frontend dashboard.
Updated: Leaflet JavaScript library to v1.9.4.

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