Divi Ghoster (v5.0.57) Free Download

Divi, renowned for its flexibility, has emerged as a preferred choice among web designers. Yet, there remained a niche request from designers: the ability to white-label Divi. Divi Ghoster Free Download, the brainchild of Aspen Grove Studios, crafted to fulfill this very need.

The Need for White-Labeling

For those unacquainted with the term, white-labeling refers to the practice of removing a product’s branding and replacing it with another. In the context of Divi, it means concealing Divi branding from the WordPress dashboard. But why would one need it? Primarily, white-labeling presents a streamlined, personalized dashboard for clients, enhancing professionalism and ensuring a consistent brand experience. It’s particularly beneficial for web designers serving clients with minimal WordPress exposure, ensuring they aren’t overwhelmed or confused by unfamiliar brand names.

Divi Ghoster Nulled is more than just a plugin; it’s a bridge between the expansive capabilities of Divi and the bespoke needs of web designers. It discreetly operates in the background, eliminating traces of Divi from the WordPress dashboard. In its place, designers can infuse their branding or their clients’, creating a tailored dashboard experience.

Features that Stand Out

  1. Comprehensive Branding Removal: Divi Ghoster doesn’t merely mask Divi; it thoroughly hides it. From the theme name to related documentation, every hint of Divi vanishes, replaced by the branding of your choice.
  2. Custom Login Screen: Beyond the dashboard, Divi Ghoster extends its capabilities to the login screen, enabling designers to craft a consistent branded experience right from the start.
  3. Plugin Hiding: Divi Ghoster’s prowess isn’t limited to Divi alone. It can conceal its own presence, ensuring that clients see a clean, uncluttered dashboard devoid of unnecessary plugins.
  4. Full-Suite Compatibility: Whether you’re using Divi’s vast array of plugins like Divi Builder, Bloom, or Monarch, Divi Ghoster ensures seamless compatibility, ensuring a uniform white-labeling experience.
  5. Theme Customizer Privileges: Divi Ghoster grants designers the autonomy to control client access to the theme customizer, ensuring clients can’t inadvertently modify critical design elements.
  6. User-Friendly Interface: While Divi Ghoster is powerful, it’s incredibly user-friendly. With intuitive controls and a straightforward setup process, even those new to WordPress can harness its capabilities with ease.

The Impact of Divi Ghoster

Divi Free Download doesn’t just provide a cosmetic uplift. It amplifies professionalism, giving web designers an edge in an increasingly competitive market. It allows designers to position themselves as premium service providers, offering a branded experience that many clients value. Moreover, by curating the dashboard experience, it reduces potential friction points for clients, leading to higher satisfaction rates.

Divi Nulled isn’t merely a plugin; it’s a testament to the ever-evolving nature of web design tools, consistently adapting to the needs of their users. Aspen Grove Studios, with this ingenious tool, have not only filled a niche gap but have set a precedent for other theme developers. As web design continues its journey, tools like Divi Ghoster will undoubtedly play pivotal roles, ensuring that designers can offer the best to their clients, and clients, in turn, can navigate their digital interfaces with ease and confidence.


Version 5.0.57 June 7, 2024

Fix: Divi Cloud sidebar box in Insert Module dialog wasn't hidden in the backend builder and theme builder
Version 5.0.56 February 22, 2024

Fix: If there is an error setting the custom theme image during theme update, simply remove the theme image instead of causing the update to fail
Add some additional text ghosting
Add some additional logging messages

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