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The digital age demands order amidst chaos, especially when it comes to handling vast amounts of media files on websites. WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system, powers a significant portion of the internet. While its core functionalities are commendable, media management has always been an area begging for improvement. Enter FileBird Nulled – a game-changing solution designed to simplify and streamline how you manage your media library in WordPress.

FileBird is not just another plugin; it’s a crucial tool for anyone serious about their WordPress website. As the name suggests, FileBird is all about bringing a systematic approach to your media files, turning the previously cluttered WordPress media library into a well-organized repository. By introducing the folder-based system reminiscent of traditional computer file management, FileBird ensures that content creators, designers, and marketers can quickly locate and manage their media assets without any fuss.


Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface

With FileBird Free Download, organizing your media files is as easy as dragging and dropping them into folders. This ensures a hassle-free experience even for those who might not be tech-savvy.

Folder-based Management

Bid farewell to the endless scrolling in search of that one image or video. Categorize your media files into folders and subfolders, mirroring the file organization we’re all familiar with on our PCs and Macs.

Whether you use Elementor, Beaver Builder, or any other popular page builder, FileBird seamlessly integrates, ensuring that accessing and managing your media assets is consistent across the board.

Smart Contextual Menu

A right-click unveils a suite of options from creating new folders, renaming, deleting, or even sorting folders based on your preferences.

Flexible Media Insertion

Whether you’re inserting media into a post, page, or custom post type, FileBird ensures that the process remains smooth, allowing you to pick files directly from organized folders.

RTL Language Support

For websites using right-to-left languages, FileBird is ready to serve. Its compatibility ensures that the plugin remains a universal solution for WordPress users globally.

Third-party Plugin Compatibility

FileBird is built with versatility in mind. It integrates well with a host of other plugins, ensuring that your website’s ecosystem remains harmonious.


With the rise of the Gutenberg editor in WordPress, it’s essential for plugins to be compatible. FileBird doesn’t disappoint, offering a seamless experience for those using this block editor.

Speed and Performance

Despite its array of features, FileBird is optimized to ensure that your website’s speed isn’t compromised. Efficient coding ensures that the plugin remains lightweight.

Responsive Design

Recognizing the diverse range of devices users might access the WordPress backend from, FileBird is designed to be fully responsive, ensuring functionality whether on a desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Continuous Updates

The team behind FileBird is continuously working on updates, ensuring compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and introducing new features based on user feedback.

Download FileBird WordPress Plugin

Managing a website, especially one laden with media files, can be a daunting task. The key to efficient website management lies in having tools that simplify complex tasks. FileBird does precisely that for the WordPress media library. By transforming a once chaotic space into a structured, folder-based system, it brings a sense of order that content creators and website managers have longed for.

But beyond just the organization, FileBird’s integration with popular page builders, third-party plugins, and the Gutenberg editor ensures that it fits right into your WordPress toolkit without a hiccup. Its focus on speed, performance, and responsive design demonstrates a holistic approach to plugin development, where user experience is paramount.

In essence, FileBird isn’t merely a plugin; it’s a necessity for anyone serious about streamlining their WordPress media management. Embracing this tool means saying goodbye to wasted time searching for files and hello to a more efficient, organized, and productive media handling experience. Dive into the world of organized media with FileBird, and witness the transformative impact on your WordPress workflow.


Jun 24, 2024 – Version 6.3

- Added: FileBird folder column in media list and Post Type table
- Improved: WordPress TableList Drag/Drop
- Fixed: WordPress VIP service doesn’t load FileBird styles 
- Fixed: WPML/Polylang not sync file to folder when add new attachment

Jun 14, 2024 – Version 6.2.5

- Fixed: Folder dropdown not showing in Featured Image upload tab when Elementor is activated
May 31, 2024 – Version 6.2.4

- Improved: Sort default file, default folder
- Fixed: Conflict with MotoPress WordPress Hotel Booking plugin

May 31, 2024 – Version 6.2.4

- Improved: Sort default file, default folder
- Fixed: Conflict with MotoPress WordPress Hotel Booking plugin

May 23, 2024 – Version 6.2.3

- Improved: File search scope in list view
- Fixed: Default folder settings not working in Elementor
- Fixed: Default folder settings not saved in some CPTs

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