Fuse Angular 16+ Admin Template v20.0.0 Free Download

When we discuss web application templates that are both user-friendly and efficient, it’s hard not to mention Fuse Template Nulled. It’s a flagship product, known for its top-notch integration with Angular 16+. A premier choice among developers and project managers, this admin template on ThemeForest has become a beloved tool for many. In this exploration, we delve into what makes Fuse stand out, its features, and the benefits it brings to the table.

Fuse isn’t just another admin template – it’s an experience. Designed meticulously with the user in mind, this template integrates flawlessly with Angular 16+. The advantage here is the seamless collaboration between the dynamic capabilities of Angular and the aesthetic brilliance of Fuse. This template acts as a bridge, facilitating easier and more efficient web app creation, all while ensuring a visually appealing outcome.


  • Material Design Philosophy: One of the standout aspects of Fuse is its unwavering commitment to Google’s Material Design philosophy. This ensures that the UI is intuitive and familiar, providing users with a seamless interaction experience.
  • Built for Angular 16+: The ongoing evolution of Angular makes it essential for templates to be compatible. Fuse ensures up-to-date compatibility, which translates to smoother project developments and less troubleshooting.
  • Modularity at its Core: The template has been architected to be incredibly modular. This means you can import only the components you need, resulting in faster load times and a cleaner development environment.
  • Customizable Theme Options: With Fuse, personalization takes center stage. Developers have a myriad of customizable theme options, ensuring the end product aligns with branding and specific design criteria.
  • Responsive Layout: In today’s diverse device landscape, responsiveness is non-negotiable. The template is inherently responsive, ensuring web apps look stunning across all device types, from desktops to mobiles.
  • In-built Authentication: Secure user authentication mechanisms come packaged with Fuse. This reduces the time and effort required to integrate third-party authentication solutions.
  • Extensive Documentation: The template understands the importance of guidance. With its extensive documentation, developers find it easier to understand, modify, and implement various components and functionalities.

Download Fuse Admin Template

Fuse – Angular 16+ Admin Template Free Download stands as a testament to what’s achievable when meticulous design meets advanced technology. In a world overflowing with myriad template options, Fuse emerges as a beacon of integration, design, and efficiency. Its synergy with the Angular platform ensures that both seasoned developers and those new to the ecosystem can harness its power to craft applications that are not just functional but also aesthetically resonant.

Beyond its technical prowess, what truly sets Fuse apart is its commitment to the user experience. Every feature, from its modularity to its in-built authentication mechanisms, demonstrates a deep understanding of the challenges and needs of modern web development. It’s not just about creating applications; it’s about creating experiences – and Fuse excels at this like no other.

Investing in this one is not just a decision for the present but a strategic move for the future. As the digital landscape evolves, tools like Fuse become even more vital in ensuring that developers can keep pace while maintaining a gold standard in design and user experience. When you choose Fuse, you’re choosing a future-proofed, robust, and dynamic ally for all your Angular development endeavors.


Jun 05, 2024
(Dependencies) Updated Angular & Angular Material to v18
(Dependencies) Updated other packages
Moved the project to the new "application" builder
Moved assets to "/public" folder
Added prettier and re-formatted entire codebase with it
Moved to the new control flow syntax (@if, @for, @switch, and etc.)
(apps/mailbox) "filter" renamed to "funnel" accidentally
Missing/renamed icons on navigation
Mat-select icon color
Mat-menu misalignment and size issues
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