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The rise of WordPress has democratized web design and development, and an integral part of this democratization has been the proliferation of plugins and tools that make customization seamless. One such tool is Genesis Custom Blocks Pro Nulled. Designed to empower developers and content creators alike, this powerful extension offers a way to create custom blocks for the WordPress editor without delving into intricate coding. Let’s explore what makes this tool a must-have for those looking to elevate their WordPress game.


Genesis Custom Blocks Pro, a premium addition to the free version, is the epitome of flexibility and user-friendliness. Catering to both developers and non-developers, it provides a platform to design, craft, and implement custom blocks for the WordPress Gutenberg editor. The aim is simple: offer a scalable, reliable, and efficient method to enrich content without the traditional hassles of intensive coding.


1. Drag-and-Drop Builder: Perhaps the most user-friendly feature, the drag-and-drop block builder is a boon for those who shy away from code. Design your block layout, decide the fields, and see it come to life.

2. Advanced Custom Fields: Genesis Custom Blocks Pro Nulled takes customization to a new level by offering advanced custom fields. From text, URL, and image fields to color pickers, these fields provide a granular control over the block’s content and appearance.

3. Templating Engine: With the built-in templating engine, developers can easily link the block’s fields to its design, ensuring that the front-end display is in sync with the block’s content.

4. Reusable Blocks: Recognizing the need for efficiency, the plugin allows users to create reusable blocks. Craft once and use the block across multiple posts or pages, ensuring brand consistency and saving valuable time.

5. PHP and CSS Styling: For those who love to code, Genesis Custom Blocks Pro offers full control. Dive into PHP to control the block’s output and use CSS to customize its appearance to the last pixel.

6. Block Export/Import: Collaboration and scalability are key in modern web design. The plugin’s ability to export and import blocks means developers and designers can share their creations or use them across different websites.

7. Conditional Logic: Displaying content based on certain conditions adds a layer of interactivity. With conditional logic, blocks can be set to display based on specific conditions or user actions.

8. Dynamic Data Integration: Pull data dynamically from posts, pages, or other sources. This dynamic data integration ensures that blocks are always up-to-date, reflecting the most recent content.

Genesis Custom Blocks Pro Free Download is not just a tool; it’s a paradigm shift in how we perceive content creation on WordPress. It breaks the barriers between coding expertise and creativity, providing a platform where both can coexist. Whether you are a developer looking to expedite the block creation process or a content creator wanting more control over your content’s appearance, Genesis Custom Blocks Pro has something for everyone.

The plethora of features ensures that customization is not just skin-deep. From the block’s design to its data source, every aspect can be tailored. Furthermore, its emphasis on usability, be it through the drag-and-drop builder or the ability to reuse blocks, showcases its commitment to a user-centric approach.

In a digital ecosystem that’s constantly evolving, the need for tools that are both powerful and adaptable becomes paramount. Genesis Custom Blocks Pro rises to this challenge, offering a blend of flexibility, power, and ease of use. As WordPress continues its journey, tools like this will play a pivotal role in defining the platform’s future, empowering users to create richer, more dynamic content without being encumbered by technical constraints.


1.6.0 Latest

What’s Changed

  • Remove the Changelog section, simply link to GitHub Releases page by @kienstra in #155
  • Add a link to the CLA to the pull request template by @kienstra in #156
  • Update the templates so users know the response to expect by @kienstra in #157
  • Fix phpcs error from function not having a space after it by @kienstra in #158
  • Fix string interpolation to have $ inside { by @kienstra in #165
  • Enqueue block-editor.js dependencies that I didn’t enqueue before by @kienstra in #170
  • Remove failing integration tests by @kienstra in #171


What’s Changed

  • Run the new version-check job from the wp-svn orb by @kienstra in #130
  • Bump ‘Tested up to’ to 6.1 by @kienstra in #131
  • Bump ‘Tested up to’ to 6.2 by @kienstra in #141
  • Get out of dependency ‘heck’ by @kienstra in #145
  • Make ‘Tested up to’ 6.3 by @kienstra in #148
  • Make the pre-commit hook fix formatting by @kienstra in #147
  • Make it easier to edit custom blocks CSS by @foliovision in #150
  • Bump version to 1.5.2, add a Changelog entry by @kienstra in #149

New Contributors

  • @foliovision made their first contribution in #150

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