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GoBiz Digital Business Card + WhatsApp Store Maker Nulled represents a cutting-edge solution in the digital era, blending the convenience of digital business cards with the efficiency of a WhatsApp-based store. As a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, GoBiz offers a unique card builder feature, enabling businesses and professionals to create and share their digital identity effortlessly while simultaneously establishing an online storefront on WhatsApp.

The digital transformation of business processes has led to the need for innovative tools that facilitate efficient and effective communication and commerce. GoBiz emerges as a comprehensive solution, addressing this need by combining the creation of digital business cards with the functionality of a WhatsApp Store Maker. This integration offers a novel approach to networking and e-commerce, particularly suited to the current mobile-first business environment.


GoBiz Nulled is designed to cater to businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals looking to digitize their networking and sales processes. The platform is user-friendly, allowing users to create personalized digital business cards that can be easily shared and accessed on mobile devices. The WhatsApp Store Maker feature adds a significant advantage, enabling users to leverage one of the world’s most popular messaging apps for business transactions, providing a seamless and efficient shopping experience for customers.


  1. Digital Business Card Creation: Users can create custom digital business cards with essential details like contact information, company logo, social media links, and more.
  2. WhatsApp Store Integration: The platform allows for the creation of a WhatsApp-based store, enabling businesses to showcase and sell products or services directly through WhatsApp.
  3. Customization Options: GoBiz offers various customization options for both business cards and WhatsApp stores, ensuring that each element reflects the user’s brand identity.
  4. Easy Sharing and Accessibility: Digital cards can be easily shared via QR codes, email, or social media, and are readily accessible on any device.
  5. Analytics and Tracking: The platform provides analytics for tracking the performance of both the digital card and the WhatsApp store, offering insights into customer engagement and sales.
  6. Multi-Language Support: GoBiz supports multiple languages, making it suitable for a global user base.
  7. Contact Management: The tool includes features for managing and organizing contacts collected through the digital business cards.
  8. Integration with Social Media: Users can integrate their social media profiles, making it easier for contacts to connect with them on various platforms.
  9. Cloud-Based Platform: Being a SaaS solution, GoBiz ensures data security and accessibility, with all information stored securely in the cloud.
  10. Responsive Design: The digital business cards and WhatsApp store are optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  11. E-commerce Capabilities: The WhatsApp store feature includes e-commerce capabilities like product catalogs, order management, and automated messaging for customer inquiries.
  12. Subscription-Based Model: GoBiz operates on a subscription model, offering different tiers with varying features to suit different business needs.

GoBiz Digital Business Card + WhatsApp Store Maker Free Download is a versatile and innovative tool that effectively merges networking and e-commerce. Its unique combination of digital business card creation and WhatsApp store functionality makes it an invaluable asset for modern professionals and businesses. This platform addresses the growing demand for digital solutions in networking and sales, providing an efficient, user-friendly, and customizable experience. Whether for small businesses, freelancers, or large corporations, GoBiz offers a practical solution for digital identity creation and online commerce. Its emphasis on mobile optimization and ease of use aligns perfectly with the current trends in business communication and e-commerce, making GoBiz a forward-thinking choice for professionals looking to enhance their digital presence and sales capabilities.


March 22, 2024
Version 7.0.0
- Upgrade: Laravel 8 to 10 (Min PHP version 8.2 required)
The features update will be available by the end of this month.

January 18, 2024
Version 6.1.0
- Added: VCard Cover Video Added - Now, you can add YouTube & Vimeo Links in your Profile Cover with Autoplay Feature
- Added: 10 new VCard Themes
- Improved: Template Thumbnail Photos Improved
- Improved: Store UI Improved
- Improved: No more .env edit headache. You can edit all .env information from admin settings.
- Fix: Added Missing Translation words and Improved Sentences.
- Added: While choosing Cover Image and Logo - Preview will be displayed.
- Modified: All VCard and Store templates have been separated and 100+ VCards and Store template designs have been added. So, the Colors in VCard and Store have been removed
- Added: IFRAME Integration added in VCard
- Added: Google Charts API for QR has been deprecated It was Removed and Added QR Generator
- Modified: Simplified and Improved VCard Creation and Store Creation UI
- Added: Basic social media with their icons and title autofilling while Create / Edit VCard
- Added: Search option While Template Choosing
- Added: Option to delete VCard and Store already created by customers
- Improved: User experience.
- Fixed: Minor bugs.

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