Profilex (v2.5 Free Download) Portfolio Website Builder SAAS (Multitenant)

Profilex Portfolio Website Builder SAAS (Multitenant) Nulled is a cutting-edge tool designed to enable users to effortlessly create and manage multi-user profile websites. It stands out in the market with its comprehensive set of features, multi-lingual and RTL support, and flexible package options. This platform is ideal for businesses and individuals looking to establish a professional online presence with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

Introduction: Revolutionizing Online Portfolios with Profilex

Profilex is not just another website builder; it’s a specialized SAAS (Software as a Service) solution that simplifies the creation of portfolio websites. Whether it’s for individual professionals, small businesses, or large enterprises, Profilex provides a robust and user-friendly platform to showcase skills, services, and achievements. Its multitenant architecture means that multiple users can manage their unique profiles under one system, making it an ideal solution for organizations managing multiple portfolios.

Overview: A Closer Look at Profilex’s Capabilities

At its core, Profilex Free Download is designed for ease of use without sacrificing functionality. The platform supports the creation of various package types – monthly, yearly, or lifetime – each with customizable features. Users can choose from free, trial, or premium packages, with the option to set trial days for trial packages. This flexibility makes Profilex suitable for a wide range of users, from freelancers to large companies.


  1. Custom Domain and URL Management: Offers options for custom domains, subdomains, and path-based URLs, providing flexibility in website addressing.
  2. Light & Dark Dashboard: A user-friendly dashboard with light and dark mode enhances the user experience.
  3. Diverse Portfolio Templates: Includes 8 portfolio templates to cater to different styles and preferences.
  4. Comprehensive Appointment Booking: Features category management, time slots, holidays, and payment systems for efficient appointment scheduling.
  5. Theme Expansion: Promises more themes to cater to evolving user needs.
  6. Multilingual and RTL Support: Ensures accessibility for a global audience with multilingual support for both tenant dashboard and portfolio themes.
  7. Advanced QR Builder: Allows creating QR codes for any URL, enhancing marketing and connectivity.
  8. vCard Templates: Includes 10 vCard templates, supporting multilingual and RTL features.
  9. Professional CV Templates: Offers 2 CV templates with multilingual support and a CV export to PDF feature.
  10. Payment Gateway Integration: Incorporates 10 online payment gateways and unlimited offline gateways for tenant use.
  11. Customer and Plugin Management: Manages registered customers and integrates various plugins for enhanced functionality.
  12. SEO and Content Management: Provides tools for SEO optimization and managing various content types like portfolios, blogs, services, etc.

Business Website & Admin Dashboard Features

  1. Extensive Language and Currency Support: Supports multiple languages and currencies, enhancing the platform’s global usability.
  2. Drag & Drop Menu Builder: Simplifies menu creation with a user-friendly interface.
  3. Admin Dashboard Customization: Offers light and dark modes, along with language setup and translation features.
  4. Secret Login to Tenant Dashboard: Allows admin to access tenant dashboards for management purposes.
  5. Comprehensive Package Management: Enables admins to manage various pricing plans and package features.
  6. Advanced Admin Workflow: Facilitates efficient management of languages, packages, content, and users.

User Workflow

  1. Simple Package Selection and Registration: Users can easily choose a package, register, and verify their email to access the dashboard.
  2. Customization and Content Upload: Users can personalize their dashboard and upload content in different languages.

Conclusion: Empowering Your Online Presence with Profilex

Profilex – Portfolio Website Builder SAAS (Multitenant) emerges as a comprehensive and versatile solution for creating and managing online portfolios. With its user-friendly interface, diverse range of features, and flexible package options, it caters to a wide spectrum of users. The platform’s multilingual and RTL support, combined with advanced functionalities like appointment booking, payment gateway integration, and SEO management, makes it a powerful tool for anyone looking to establish a professional online presence. Whether for individual professionals or businesses managing multiple profiles, Profilex provides the tools and capabilities to create and maintain impressive, efficient, and functional portfolio websites.

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