Perfex CRM SaaS Module v0.2.4 Free Download – Transform Your Perfex CRM into a Powerful Multi-Tenancy Solution

The digital business environment is a labyrinth of endless possibilities. To effectively navigate it, especially in CRM landscapes, you need a tool that’s not just efficient but also scalable. Enter Perfex CRM SaaS Module Nulled —a revolution in multi-tenancy solutions designed to effortlessly transform your Perfex CRM installation into a robust, multi-client platform.

The essence of Perfex CRM SaaS Module is simplification—taking away the complexities of managing multiple tenants and offering a platform that caters to every client-specific need. It’s a haven for Digital Marketers, Accounting agencies, or any business visionary aiming to launch a CRM SaaS solution using Perfex CRM.

Features that Set It Apart

  • Easy Multi-Tenancy: Shift to a multi-tenant platform without a fuss. Manage various clients or departments within one Perfex CRM instance, guaranteeing data security and isolation.
  • Forget the Wildcards: Eliminate the stress and expenses tied to wildcard SSL certificates. Now work on any server, including shared hosting and Cpanel, and upscale as your business grows.
  • Custom Domains and Subdomains: With its seamless domain implementation, the module caters to both novices and professionals, coupled with an exhaustive guide on setting up free unlimited wildcard SSL.
  • Complete Tenant Management: From onboarding to configuring settings, manage every facet of your tenant experience and ensure a tailored journey for each.
  • Granular Module Access Control: Decide who accesses what. Allocate module availability based on tenant subscription, giving you unparalleled command over your platform.
  • Resource Limitations: Set quotas for essential resources, such as leads, projects, or invoices, maintaining optimal control and organization.
  • Sharing and Masking Configurations: Disseminate Perfex CRM configurations like SMTP settings across multiple instances. Also, mask sensitive data ensuring security and privacy.
  • Flexible Database Options: Whether you’re into sharding, single database setups, or multi-tenancy, Perfex’s module has got you covered.
  • Cloud Database Integration: Sync with giants like Amazon RDS or Google Cloud SQL, utilizing their reliability and scalability to manage tenant data.
  • Tenant Data Custody Choices: Give tenants the freedom to host data on their servers, ensuring compliance with their policies.
  • Maximized Perfex Core Utilization: The module exploits Perfex core resources for tasks like invoice management, ensuring a smooth integration with existing tools.
  • Rigorous Testing Framework: Modify or customize the module as per your needs and utilize the built-in testing mechanism to ensure top-notch performance.

Othe Features

  • Storage Control: Limit tenant storage in terms of files upload, database backups, and media.
  • Effortless Navigation: Seamless transitions from the SaaS client portal to respective applications.
  • Module Marketplace: An additional avenue for revenue, sell premium add-ons to your tenants.
  • Flexible Pricing: Choose between package plans or go for a usage-based pricing model.
  • Inbuilt Feature Management: Disable in-built Perfex CRM modules either at the package or tenant level based on requirements.

… and the list continues.

Conclusion: Harness the Power of Perfex CRM SaaS Module

In today’s highly competitive realm of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), it’s clear that businesses need agile solutions to stand out. Enter the Perfex CRM SaaS Module Free Download. Not merely a tool, this game-changer significantly streamlines operations, paving the way for exponential growth.

Furthermore, Perfex stands distinctively apart with its unique offerings. Gone are the days of wrestling with wildcard SSL issues. Instead, businesses can now embrace advanced tenant tools with ease. Each feature, indeed, is a testament to Perfex’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch service.

Moreover, in an age where data security is paramount, Perfex doesn’t falter. It strikes the right balance between potent security and user-centric customization. While tenants have the liberty to safeguard their data, admins benefit from the ability to mask sensitive details. Thus, both privacy and security remain uncompromised.

But beyond its primary functions, Perfex represents a broader vision. It’s tailored for those who dare to innovate, those who envision a brighter tomorrow. With its versatile cloud options and a vast module marketplace, businesses are not just equipped for today but are future-proofed.

In conclusion, Perfex’s module isn’t just another CRM tool; it’s the next big leap in CRM evolution. Its robust features and adaptability ensure businesses can transition into the future confidently.


version 0.2.4 05/04/2024
Add more tenant seeding options; can now set dedicated instance for seeding purpose or use default perfex installation or the master CRM
Delayed permanent instance removal: can set days before instance is removed permanently after deleting
Improved whitelabeling: saas settings menu and asset links
Improved whitelabeling: added option to rename the default theme (perfex) to any name
Add client menu control extension
Discontinue hiding of client menu in SaaS module in favour of new client menu control extension
Improve marketplace accessibility
Add image to module and services marketplace
Added more hooks for exension of the saas module
Improve translations
Fix alternative host url for subdomain input suggestion on registration field
Fix services adding issue
Fix tenant quota limit for billing cycle
Other minor improvements

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