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In the ever-evolving world of business, the customer remains king. Ensuring their satisfaction and maintaining robust relationships is the key to success for any enterprise. This is where a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system comes into play, and Perfex CRM Nulled stands out as a top contender in this arena. Designed with precision and purpose, Perfex offers a comprehensive solution to businesses, ensuring they stay ahead in the race of customer management.

Perfex is not just another CRM in the market. It’s an open-source system, allowing businesses the flexibility to mold it according to their unique needs. With its origin on the reputable platform of CodeCanyon, Perfex boasts of an impressive number of users, vouching for its efficacy and results.

At its core, Perfex aims to streamline various business processes, from customer management, project management, to invoicing and beyond. With a fluid and intuitive interface, it ensures that businesses, whether startups or established entities, can maximize their potential without getting entangled in the complexities of software navigation.


  • Comprehensive Dashboard: At a glance, businesses can view their performance metrics, from sales figures, project status, to customer interactions, all in one consolidated space.
  • Project Management Tools: Perfex brings all project-related tasks under one umbrella. From task assignments, deadlines, discussions to document sharing, everything is a click away.
  • Efficient Invoicing: The CRM streamlines the invoicing process, allowing businesses to generate invoices based on projects and time logs. With multi-currency support, international transactions become seamless.
  • Surveys and Feedback: Collecting customer feedback has never been easier. Perfex offers customized survey tools, ensuring businesses gather meaningful insights directly from their customers.
  • Ticketing System: Addressing customer queries and concerns is pivotal. With its integrated ticketing system, Perfex ensures every customer issue is logged and addressed efficiently.
  • Contract Management: Keep track of all contracts, terms, and conditions with the contract management feature. With electronic signatures enabled, the process becomes swifter and eco-friendly.
  • Expense Tracking: Every penny counts in business. Perfex’s expense tracking feature ensures businesses have an eye on their expenditures, optimizing their financial strategies.
  • Reports and Insights: Data-driven decisions are the hallmark of successful businesses. Perfex offers detailed reports across all modules, providing businesses with actionable insights.
  • Customizable: Being open-source, Perfex can be tailored to suit unique business needs. From adding custom fields, adjusting workflows to integrating third-party tools, the possibilities are endless.
  • Data Security: Perfex prioritizes data protection. With regular backups, encryption, and a robust role-based permission system, businesses can rest assured their data is in safe hands.

Download Perfex CRM PHP Script

In today’s hyper-competitive market landscape, customer management is more than just maintaining a database; it’s about nurturing relationships, understanding needs, and delivering value consistently. Perfex – Powerful Open Source CRM Free Download, with its plethora of features and flexibility, empowers businesses in this journey.

It eliminates operational inefficiencies, offers actionable insights, and ensures businesses are always in sync with their customers. Its adaptability means it caters to a wide range of industries, from tech startups to retail giants. The beauty of Perfex lies not just in its robust features but also in its commitment to evolving as per the dynamic business landscape. Investing in Perfex is, without a doubt, a step towards a more organized, efficient, and customer-centric future. For businesses aiming for growth and unparalleled customer satisfaction, Perfex is the beacon guiding them to success.


Version 3.1.1 – Maintenance

/Changelog /Version 3.1.1 – Maintenance

  •  January 6, 2024 
  • Fix customers dropdown not searchable
  • Fix my tasks table showing all tasks
  • Fix tickets table status filter not working correctly

Version 3.1.0

/Changelog /Version 3.1.0

  •  January 4, 2024
  • Add advanced filters for customers
  • Add advanced filters for tasks
  • Add advanced filters for invoices
  • Add advanced filters for estimates
  • Add advanced filters for subscriptions
  • Add advanced filters for proposals
  • Add advanced filters for tickets
  • Add advanced filters for leads
  • Add advanced filters for projects
  • Add advanced filters for expenses
  • Add staff_cant function and deprecate has_permission function
  • Add advanced filters for contracts
  • Add advanced filters for credit notes
  • Add a create form button to estimate the request page
  • Updated: Do not allow editing contract content after signing or marked as signed
  • Updated: Lock contract content with used merge fields after signing or marked as signed
  • Update: Auto disable Pusher in case of invalid configuration
  • Update default charset to utf8mb4 (new installs only)
  • Add ability to save filters
  • Add ability to filter by custom fields
  • Add ability to mark filters as default
  • Add ability to share filters with other team members
  • Add ability to dynamically filter dates e.q. “next month”
  • Add ability to create conditional filters
  • Allow customers to table VAT search
  • Allow modules to register custom filters for supporting tables
  • Remove leads filters in favor of the new filter feature
  • Convert template column content to long text
  • Remove deprecated MySQL functions
  • Apply decimal setting to customer area dashboard
  • Remove hardcoded db prefix in leads import
  • Performance improvements
  • Fix pagebreak adding extra <p> tags to editors
  • Fix the calendar shown in English in the client area
  • Fix invoice items table
  • Fix bug with login in after importing customer without password
  • Fix custom field related to customer result not showing customer name
  • Fix undefined variable $ci error in the Tasks controller
  • Fix the sidebar toggle on a tablet
  • More hooks added
  • Minor fixes

Version 3.0.6  

  • Fix deprecation warning
  • Fix CC bug on contracts
  • Fixed kanban not working on php7.4
  • Fix argument count exception in _l for php 8+
  • Fix Backward compatibility issue with php7.4
  • Fix Proposal content not parsing merge fields
  • Round Gateway fee’s to app decimal places
  • Fix slug_it function not working

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