JetBlocks v1.3.12 Nulled – Header & Footer Plugin for Elementor

JetBlocks Nulled, a powerhouse WordPress plugin developed by Crocoblock, is a revolutionary tool that transforms the way we design and manage websites. In the ever-evolving landscape of web development, JetBlocks stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency. This plugin empowers WordPress users to enhance their website’s functionality, design, and user experience without the need for extensive coding skills. JetBlocks opens a world of possibilities, allowing designers, developers, and website owners to craft professional, engaging, and dynamic websites that capture attention and drive results.

JetBlocks is an integral part of the larger Crocoblock suite, a comprehensive toolkit for building stunning websites using Elementor, a popular WordPress page builder. It’s designed to complement Elementor’s capabilities and extend its functionalities, providing users with a seamless and efficient website building experience.

With JetBlocks, you gain access to a variety of essential website elements that can be easily added and customized using the intuitive Elementor interface. From headers and footers to login forms and breadcrumbs, JetBlocks empowers users to construct visually appealing, feature-rich website components that align with their brand and objectives.


1. Versatile Headers and Footers

JetBlocks offers an extensive array of header and footer options, enabling users to design their website’s top and bottom sections with remarkable flexibility. From sticky headers and transparent backgrounds to various alignment options, you can effortlessly customize the look and feel of your website’s headers and footers to match your brand identity.

Facilitating user engagement, JetBlocks provides pre-designed login forms and authorization links that can be seamlessly integrated into your website. Enhance user experience by simplifying the login process and ensuring visitors have a smooth transition into your site.

3. Navigation Menus

JetBlocks allows you to create custom navigation menus, adding depth and style to your website’s navigation system. With support for Mega Menus, Hamburger Menus, and Off-canvas Menus, you can design intuitive and visually appealing navigation layouts that guide users through your site effortlessly.

4. Search Functionality

JetBlocks amplifies user convenience by incorporating a search bar within your website’s header or footer. Streamline the user’s journey on your site by providing a quick and efficient search tool, enabling them to find the content they’re looking for with ease.

5. Breadcrumbs Navigation

Breadcrumbs are an essential navigational element for any website, enhancing user experience by displaying the user’s path and facilitating easy navigation within the site’s hierarchy. JetBlocks empowers users to design and customize breadcrumbs, promoting efficient exploration of website content.

6. Post Widgets

Effortlessly showcase your latest blog posts or custom post types using JetBlocks’ post widgets. Choose from various layouts and styles to display your content in a visually appealing manner, captivating your audience and encouraging them to explore your articles.

7. WooCommerce Integration

For e-commerce websites, JetBlocks seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, providing tailored elements like product categories, cart icons, and a product search box. Enhance your online store’s functionality and aesthetics, ultimately driving more sales and customer satisfaction.

Download JetBlocks WordPress Plugin

JetBlocks by Crocoblock is a game-changing WordPress plugin, seamlessly integrating with Elementor to elevate website development. Its intuitive interface and feature-rich toolkit allow for effortless customization of headers, footers, and other vital website elements. From versatile design options to user-friendly features like login forms and navigation enhancements, JetBlocks empowers both novices and experts to craft visually stunning and highly functional websites.

The plugin’s versatility shines in its diverse design styles for headers and footers, fostering a unique brand representation. Moreover, JetBlocks enhances user engagement with streamlined navigation and search functionalities. For e-commerce ventures, the WooCommerce integration further amplifies the online shopping experience, potentially boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, JetBlocks Free Download revolutionizes web design, eliminating the need for extensive coding while offering limitless design possibilities. Embrace JetBlocks to create captivating websites that captivate your audience and leave a lasting digital impression. Explore this innovative plugin and unlock your website’s full potential, where creativity meets simplicity for unparalleled results.


JetBlocks 1.3.12
April 30, 2024
Added: ability to set length password in the Reset Password Form Widget
Added: new icons of widgets
Fixed: shopping cart content for editor in the Woo Cart Widget
Fixed: shopping cart redirects the user on the cart page in the Woo Cart Widget
Fixed: redirect after form submission in the Registration Form Widget
Fixed: shopping cart scroll for safari in the Woo Cart Widget
Fixed: breadcrumbs module
Fixed: minor issues

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