JustFans (v7.0.0 Nulled) Premium Content Creators SaaS platform

JustFans – Premium Content Creators SaaS platform Nulled, marks a significant leap in the digital content creation space. Leveraging the robustness of PHP, this platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features, enabling creators to launch their own premium content-based social media platforms efficiently and effectively.

JustFans is designed with the modern content creator in mind, offering a seamless, mobile-first experience. The platform’s intuitive design, available in both dark and light mode themes, supports right-to-left (RTL) text and localization, ensuring accessibility and ease of use for a global audience. It stands as a versatile solution for creators to monetize their content through various channels, including subscriptions, tips, and pay-to-view posts.

The platform is underpinned by Laravel on the backend and Bootstrap & jQuery on the frontend, promising stability and ease of use. Its features cater to a wide range of content types, from photos and videos to live streams, and it supports multiple payment processors, including Stripe, PayPal, and cryptocurrency options.

Main Features

Advanced Posts Creation

  • Multiple File Upload: Supports chunked uploads with previews.
  • Video Conversion: Utilizes FFmpeg, with fallback options.
  • Watermarking: Protects images and videos.
  • Post Notifications & Scheduling: Offers AI-based description suggestions.

Feed and Engagement

  • Advanced Feed Module: Includes a bidirectional, swipeable gallery.
  • Media Galleries: Supports audio, video, and image files.
  • Interactive Elements: Enables comments, reactions, and profile pinned posts.

Search and Discoverability

  • Enhanced search capabilities, with filters for top, latest, photo, and video content.

Monetization Channels

  • Multiple payment providers, including options for adult content and cryptocurrency.
  • Versatile subscription models, tips, pay-to-unlock posts, and advertising opportunities.

Live Streaming

  • Features RTMP ingestion and HLS output with adaptive bitrate.
  • Supports both private and public streams, with monetization options like pay-per-view.

Storage and Delivery

  • Compatible with multiple storage options, including AWS S3, Wasabi, and DigitalOcean spaces.

Communication and Community

  • Real-time messenger with multimedia support and paid message options.
  • Live notifications, content bookmarking, and custom user lists for enhanced community building.

Security and Compliance

  • Strong focus on user privacy and security, including right-click disablement on posts.
  • Compliance with GDPR, cookies policy, and NSFW content consent dialogs.

User-Friendly Settings

  • Comprehensive profile, wallet, payments, and subscriptions management.
  • Privacy controls, identity verification, and GEO-blocking capabilities.

Design and Accessibility

  • Fluent, mobile-first design with PWA App inclusion.
  • Customizable themes, supporting both RTL/LTR text and multiple languages.

Administration and SEO

  • Advanced admin panel with over 100 settings.
  • Strong SEO practices, including sitemap and schema.org integrations.

Additional Features

  • Social logins, email-based 2FA, and email deliverability checks.
  • reCAPTCHA integration, referral systems, and OpenAI-based content suggestions.

Conclusion: JustFans – Empowering Digital Creativity and Monetization with a Comprehensive SaaS Solution

JustFans is more than just a platform; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem that empowers content creators to thrive in the digital age. Its extensive range of features, from advanced content creation tools to robust monetization options, positions JustFans as a leader in the content creation SaaS space. The platform’s commitment to security, compliance, and user experience ensures that it’s not only a powerful tool for creators but also a trusted and reliable platform for audiences worldwide. With JustFans – Premium Content Creators SaaS platform Free Download, creators are equipped with everything they need to build, engage, and monetize their audience effectively, making it an indispensable asset in the realm of premium content creation.


[5/13/2024] v7.0.0

* Added a new Admin setting, allowing owners to disable profile offers/promotions
* Added new Admin > Videos > Transcoding option for coconut region
* Added user reports for individual direct messages
* Added user reports on the public stream page
* Fixed a Wasabi storage issue related to using different storage regions
* Fixed an issue related to the stream covers when running minio or pushr storage drivers
* Fixed an issue related to the contextual actions on the individual post page 
* Fixed an issue where pre-approved posts were not visible to the admin users
* Fixed an issue related to deleting users from the admin panel when using local storage
* Fixed an issue where the messenger notifications count label was incorrectly incremented when it reached zero
* Fixed global issues with missing filtering fields in the admin panel
* Fixed an issue where the confirmation dialog wasn't showing up while deleting post comments on the bookmarks page
* Fixed a bug where blocked users would show up when creating a new messenger conversation
* Fixed an issue where streams of blocked users would show up in the public stream area
* Fixed missing tooltips on stream edit & details buttons when viewing your own stream
* Greatly improved all admin panels tables, added filtrable userID & username to all tables
* Improved the Admin > ID checks area, added user profile preview link
* Improved the Admin > Users & Subcategories areas
* Improved the Admin > Posts area
* Improved the Admin > Streams area, added stream preview link
* Improved the Admin > Money & subcategories areas
* Improved the Admin > User > User reports area, added preview links for reported content
* Improved the Admin > Referrals area
* Small translation strings-related improvements
* Other small bugfixes, UI & UX fixes & improvements
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