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Every content creator knows the essence of internal linking, but not everyone comprehends the complexity or the time it demands. It’s like building a web, where each thread strengthens the structure. Enter Link Whisper Pro Nulled, an innovative tool transforming the world of internal linking. This post offers a dive into what makes Link Whisper Pro an indispensable ally for bloggers and webmasters.

Link Whisper Pro emerges from the fundamental understanding that efficient internal linking doesn’t just enhance user navigation but also boosts SEO. But with growing content and pages, manually managing these links becomes a Sisyphean task. Link Whisper swoops in as the solution, optimizing your internal link structure with finesse and precision, saving both time and effort.


While writing or editing a post, Link Whisper Pro offers relevant internal link suggestions. This proactive approach ensures content interconnectivity without the manual hassle.

Dive into detailed reports of your website’s internal links. Understand which posts have the most or least links, offering insights into potential areas of improvement.

3. Easy-to-use Dashboard

Navigating through Link Whisper is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive dashboard. It showcases broken links, orphaned posts, and redirects, ensuring you’re always in the know.

4. Quick Edits

Adjust anchor texts or remove links directly from the suggestions box. It gives you granular control over every link without the need to visit each post separately.

5. Advanced URL Changer

Changing URLs? The plugin ensures your internal links update automatically, minimizing the chances of broken links.

6. Redirect Manager

Managing 301 redirects is simpler with Link Whisper. Whether you’re changing URLs or deleting posts, it helps ensure visitors and search engines find the right page.

7. Multi-Language Support

Catering to a global audience? Link Whisper supports multiple languages, ensuring that non-English websites can also benefit from its capabilities.

8. SEO Boost

By streamlining your internal link structure, This plugin indirectly enhances your website’s SEO. It increases page views, reduces bounce rates, and can even improve rankings.

9. Compatibility

Link Whisper Pro isn’t picky. Whether you’re using the classic editor, Gutenberg, or page builders like Elementor, it seamlessly integrates, ensuring maximum efficiency.

10. Continuous Updates

The digital world evolves rapidly. This plugin stays apace, with regular updates ensuring you always have access to the latest features and optimizations.

The beauty of Link Whisper Pro Free Download lies not just in its innovative approach but also in its profound understanding of a content creator’s challenges. It doesn’t merely act as a tool but serves as a partner, ensuring that your website’s internal linking is not just an afterthought, but a strategic asset.

Many tools promise efficiency, but Link Whisper Pro delivers. It amalgamates the power of automation with the precision of manual control, offering a solution that’s both time-efficient and effective. As content grows, so does the intricacy of managing its interlinking. Yet, with Link Whisper Pro, this task, which once seemed daunting, becomes almost effortless.

For bloggers and webmasters striving to create a seamless user experience while also reaping the SEO benefits of a robust internal link structure, This plugin is a beacon. It offers not just a solution, but a transformation – one that reshapes how we perceive and manage internal links.

In the vast expanse of digital tools, This plugin stands out, not merely for its functionality, but for its commitment to making the lives of content creators easier. If there’s one investment that promises substantial returns in the realm of internal linking, it’s undoubtedly Link Whisper Pro. Dive into its world, and let your content’s connectivity soar to new heights.


2.4.5 June 21, 2024

  • [NEW FEATURE] Creating a new link highlighting feature! (Now you can click on anchors in the link dropdowns, and you will be taken to the page that has the link, the page will be scrolled to the link’s location, and the link will be highlit for easy spotting)
  • [NEW FEATURE] Creating system to detect if a link was created by a page builder module that Link Whisper isn’t able to modify. (This is so you can tell if the link needs to be modified in the editor and not Link Whisper. To easily show which links are unmodifiable, we are adding a new status icon in the link dropdowns.)
  • [NEW FEATURE] Adding “Link Created” column to the Click Tracking! (The column will show when a link was created if Link Whisper has that information)
  • [NEW SETTING] Creating setting to use a custom database table for all link stat data purposes. (The setting is called “Run Link Stats From Link Table” and turning it on should make the reports and link data lookups all run faster.)
  • [NEW SETTING] Creating setting to exclude posts from the Related Post widget by Categories and Tags!
  • [NEW SETTING] Creating a setting to not add accessibility icons to links that contain images.
  • [NEW SETTING] Creating a setting to allow Link Scans to be optimized for speed. (The setting tells Link Whisper to work with larger post batches, and to minimize the number of times it accesses the database during a scan so it runs overall faster.)
  • [NEW SETTING] Creating a setting to run the Autolinking by cron task! (The setting is called “Activate Autolinking Cron Task”, and it works by creating a list of all the posts that could have Autolinks inserted in them, and then going down that list post-by-post inserting links where possible. The cron interval is every 5 minutes.)
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improving embedded link scanning for the Broken Link Checker!
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improving the link validation done during click tracking to increase the number of tracked clicks and to better handle dynamic links.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improving the check if a post was created by a REST API call from an external source.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Updating the Oxygen integration so it can work with Oxygen 4.8.3+
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Updating the date format for the Detailed Click Report chart so it uses the same date format as the site.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improving the click tracking functionality so it can better ignore clicks on nav buttons.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Setting the Related Posts widget to not display related posts when set to “Manual Selection” and no posts have been selected.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Increasing the speed at which the first stage of the Link Scan runs.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Making it possible to not add accessibility icons to links inside of “center” and “aside” HTML tags.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Adjusting the license key checking to hopefully avoid accidental disconnects.
  • [IMPROVEMENT] Making it possible to programmatically define a license key. (To programmatically define the key, please create a constant called “WPIL_PREMIUM_LICENSE_KEY” in your config.php file and set the value for your Link Whisper license key.)
  • [UX/UI] Making more popups permanently dismissable. (Link Delete, Domain Attribute update, and URL update in the Broken Link Report)
  • [UX/UI] Creating status icons for links created by known Related Post sections. (Related post links are shown with a green arrow status icon in the link dropdowns)
  • [UX/UI] Setting the Related Post thumbnails to be uniformly square so they are always all the same size.
  • [COMPATIBILITY] Adjusting the included code libraries to avoid conflicts with other plugins that use the same libraries. (Should particularly help with errors when exporting post data to Excel)
  • [BUGFIX] Fixing bug that would sometimes replace unicode-encoded hyphens in Autolink URLs with em dashes
  • [BUGFIX] Fixing notice about undefined property when running the Link Suggestions.
  • [BUGFIX] Adjusting the Autolinking rule deletion so that clicking on the X delete button will only delete that rule if multiple are selected.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixing PHP 8.2 notice that could happen during the autolink checks during post save.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixing bug that would make the link stat updating during post save take longer than it should have.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixing a bug that would keep Autolinks from inserting when posts were created or updated.
  • [BUGFIX] Fixing notice when saving the Click Tracking screen options for the first time.

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