Logo Carousel Pro v4.0.0 Nulled (ShapedPlugin)

Transform your WordPress website into a captivating visual experience with Logo Carousel Pro Nulled – the ultimate solution for showcasing logos in a dynamic and user-friendly manner. Whether you aim to display client logos, sponsors, or supporters, this plugin offers a versatile and customizable platform. Dive into a world where simplicity meets power, and elevate your brand representation effortlessly.

Logo Carousel Pro stands out as the best WordPress Logo Showcase Plugin, offering a perfect blend of ease-of-use and robust functionality. Whether you’re a coding expert or a beginner, this plugin ensures a hassle-free experience. With features like live previews, import/export wizard, and developer-friendly options, Logo Carousel Pro caters to diverse user needs.


1. Simple To Use

Bid farewell to complex settings and coding challenges. Logo Carousel Pro Free Download offers a straightforward setup with a live preview, eliminating the need for coding skills. Simply install, configure, and enjoy a seamless logo showcase on your WordPress site.

2. Mobile & SEO Friendly

Responsive design and SEO-friendliness are at the core of Logo Carousel Pro. Experience control over the number of logos displayed on different devices, ensuring a visually appealing and user-friendly experience across desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

3. Import and Export Wizard

Save time and streamline your workflow with the import and export wizard. Easily move your logo showcase from local to live servers or transition from an old to a new website. A fantastic feature that enhances efficiency.

4. Developer Friendly

Tailor Logo Carousel Pro to your specific needs using familiar WordPress interfaces. The plugin offers hooks for developers to extend functionalities, ensuring seamless integration and customization.

5. Page Builders & Gutenberg

Designed for compatibility, Logo Carousel Pro seamlessly integrates with the new Gutenberg WordPress block editor and popular plugins and page builders like Elementor, Divi, etc. Enjoy a consistent experience across various platforms.

6. Multi-use! Be Creative

While primarily crafted for client, sponsor, or supporter logos, Logo Carousel Pro’s flexibility extends beyond. You can use it creatively to display a list of images with links for various purposes, adding a touch of innovation to your website.

7. High Performance

Optimized for speed and built following WordPress coding standards, Logo Carousel Pro delivers high performance across different types of websites. Enjoy swift loading times and a seamless showcase experience.

8. We Speak Your Language

Ensure a global reach by translating Logo Carousel Pro into your preferred language using .po & .mo files. RTL (Right To Left) readiness further enhances its versatility for multilingual websites.

9. Priority Email Support

Customer satisfaction takes center stage with dedicated one-to-one email support. Experience top-notch assistance instantly whenever you encounter any issues with the plugin. Join the majority of customers who rate the support as exceptional.

Create Unlimited Logo Showcases, Logos, and Groups

Empower your website with the capability to create unlimited logo showcases, logos, and groups. Whether it’s clients, supporters, or sponsors, Logo Carousel Pro enables you to manage and display logos with an intuitive and stylish admin interface.

Logo Carousel Pro provides seven versatile display options for each logo:

  1. Logo Image
  2. Title or Name
  3. Tooltips
  4. Link URL
  5. Description
  6. Read More Button
  7. Logo Details on Popup/Lightbox

The plugin offers a user-friendly experience, allowing easy customization with powerful features that cater to diverse needs. Enjoy full control over the appearance and functionality of your logo carousel.

  1. 5 Layouts (Carousel, Grid, List, Isotope, Inline)
  2. 5 Positions for Logo and Content
  3. Drag and Drop Logo ordering
  4. Groups and Specific Logo Showcase
  5. Isotope Live Category Filter
  6. Random Logo Display
  7. Internal & External Logo Links
  8. Control Device-wise Columns
  9. Popup View for Logo Detail
  10. 8+ Logo Tooltips Settings
  11. Multiple Rows in the Carousel
  12. Carousel Mode (Standard, Ticker, and Center)
  13. Vertical Carousel Direction
  14. 30+ Carousel Settings
  15. Logo Custom Size, Blur, Box-Highlight, Zoom, Grayscale Effect
  16. Typography & Styling Options
  17. SEO friendly markup
  18. Import/Export Wizard
  19. Elementor Addons & Gutenberg Block
  20. Multi-site Supported

Logo Content Positions with Full Control Over Styling

Customize the layout and styling of logo content with full control. Logo Carousel Pro offers five logo content positions, allowing you to create a visually appealing showcase tailored to your preferences.

Control Device-wise Logo Columns

Enhance user experience by controlling logo columns based on the device. Ensure a seamless display across desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobiles. Fit your logo showcase to any resolution effortlessly.

Filter by categories

Organize and display logos based on categories, offering a streamlined and categorized viewing experience for your visitors. Group logos by category and showcase selected categories or all of them.

Category-wise Ajax Live Filtering (Isotope)

Integrate category-wise Ajax live filtering to enhance user interaction. Allow visitors to filter logos based on categories, creating a dynamic and engaging showcase experience.

Enhance the Logo Images with Elegant Styles and Tooltips

Elevate the visual appeal of your logo images with elegant styles and tooltips. Customize logo size, apply zoom, blur, opacity effects, grayscale styles, and more for a visually striking presentation.

Provide a seamless experience with external or internal logo links. Create a carousel or grid of logos with custom links, allowing users to explore additional details through a beautiful popup.

Take control of your carousel with 30+ powerful settings. Customize carousel layout, direction, autoplay, arrow styles, pagination, rows, lazy load, and more. Ensure your logo showcase aligns with your brand’s unique style.

Multiple Ajax Pagination Options

Offer multiple pagination options to show or load more logos. Choose from Ajax number pagination, load more button (Ajax), load more on scroll (Ajax), or standard pagination. Tailor the pagination style to suit your website’s design.

Generate shortcodes effortlessly with a live preview. The shortcode generator provides over 200 visual customization options. Customize everything from typography to colors, styling, and more with ease.

Seamless Integration

Logo Carousel Pro seamlessly integrates with popular WordPress themes, plugins, and page builders. Whether you use Gutenberg, Avada, Elementor, or other tools, Logo Carousel Pro ensures a consistent and smooth integration.

In conclusion, Logo Carousel Pro emerges as the go-to solution for WordPress users seeking a powerful yet user-friendly logo showcase plugin. Elevate your brand representation with an array of features designed to cater to diverse needs. From unlimited logo showcases to advanced customization options, Logo Carousel Pro is a versatile tool for creating visually stunning and engaging logo displays. Streamline your workflow, enhance user experience, and showcase your brand logos with elegance and ease. Try Logo Carousel Pro today and unlock the potential to transform your logo showcase into a dynamic and captivating visual narrative.


VERSION 4.0.0 – JAN 20, 2024

  • New: The Logo Analytics feature tracking clicks and impressions on logos.
  • New: The Logo Analytic Dashboard with Logo Performance Trendline Chart, Data filter by Last Year/ Month/Week, Average Clicks, and Impressions Circular Chart.
  • New: The Logo Performance List Table to compare easily.
  • New: The Download PDF of Logo Analytical data.
  • New: The Dropdown styled Ajax Live Filter.
  • New: The Alignment option of Ajax live filter and Isotope filter.
  • New: The CSV import and export feature to import or export logos.
  • New: Justifying the Logo feature of Grid and Inline layouts.
  • New: A hook \’lcp_edit_no_result_found_text\’ was added to modify the \’no result found\’ text.
  • New: 2 New Pagination Styles (Dynamic, Strokes) to the Carousel Pagination option.
  • New: Action Type (Link/Email/Phone) for Call To Action feature.
  • Improved: The Layout Preset option has been reorganized.
  • Improved: Plugin UI and UX improved.
  • Improved: The Tooltip/Help texts of plugin options to make it more user-friendly.
  • Improved: The \’Shortcode Generator\’ menu item was renamed to \’Manage Views\’.
  • Improved: The Ajax Logo Search option was moved to the Display Settings tab.
  • Improved: The GrayScale feature option has been reorganized.
  • Improved: Animation added to the import feature
  • Improved: The Space between logos option moved to the General Settings tab.
  • Improved: The Border Radius option is separated from the Logo Border option.
  • Improved: The for and id attributes of the search field were not the same.
  • Updated: The language (.pot) file.
  • Fix: Inner Padding Not Working.
  • Fix: The Tooltip is not working after searching logos in the search field.
  • Fix: The hover color of the Logo Title does not work.
  • Fix: The logo linking doesn’t work after changing the pagination if the pagination and Ajax are enabled in the Grid and Isotope layouts.
  • Fix: The logo repeats on multiple pages of the isotope with Ajax pagination when the orderby is drag and drop.
  • Fix the Alignment issue in the list layout when the title is disabled.

VERSION 3.7.1 – DEC 04, 2023

  • Fix: Few PHPCS warnings with PHP8.2.
  • Fix: The issue is the link to Ajax-filtered logos.
  • Tested: WordPress 6.4.1 compatibility.

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