(v2.37) Multi-Step Checkout Pro for WooCommerce Free Download by SilkyPress

Online shopping has become the go-to mode for many, and with this surge, there’s a heightened emphasis on the need for a seamless checkout experience. Multi-Step Checkout Pro for WooCommerce Free Download by SilkyPress is designed to enhance this very segment of the customer’s journey, ensuring that your patrons have a frictionless path from selecting their products to making a successful purchase.

E-commerce is not just about the array of products you offer but also about the ease with which customers can complete their transactions. This is where the checkout process becomes pivotal. Often, a cumbersome checkout process is a deterrent, leading to cart abandonment. Multi-Step Checkout Pro for WooCommerce Nulled by SilkyPress is the antidote to such situations, transforming the conventional checkout process into an intuitive, step-by-step progression.


  1. Structured Checkout Flow: By breaking down the checkout process into distinct steps, the plugin ensures that customers are not overwhelmed with information. This step-by-step progression makes the process more manageable and less daunting.
  2. Customization: Recognizing that every store has its unique requirements, the plugin offers extensive customization options. From deciding the number of steps to altering the look to match your brand aesthetics, it grants complete control.
  3. Progress Indicators: A vital feature that informs customers about where they stand in the checkout process. This visual cue ensures that they are aware of the steps completed and what lies ahead, giving a sense of progression and achievement.
  4. Responsive Design: With a significant proportion of customers shopping on mobile devices, responsiveness is key. Multi-Step Checkout Pro Free Download ensures that the checkout experience remains consistent and user-friendly, irrespective of the device being used.
  5. Optimized for Speed: In the digital realm, every second count. Recognizing this, the plugin is designed to be lightweight, ensuring that it doesn’t hamper the site’s speed, thereby providing customers with a swift checkout experience.
  6. Integration with Popular WooCommerce Extensions: To make the transition smoother for businesses, Multi-Step Checkout Pro seamlessly integrates with popular WooCommerce extensions, ensuring that businesses don’t have to compromise on any existing functionality.
  7. Enhanced User Experience: By reducing the clutter and presenting a streamlined process, the plugin significantly enhances the user experience. Not only does it simplify the checkout, but it also reduces the chances of errors, which can often occur in a one-page, cluttered checkout process.

The checkout process, often overlooked, can be the defining factor between a successful sale and an abandoned cart. Multi-Step Checkout Pro Nulled recognizes this pivotal juncture in the customer’s journey and transforms it into a streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly experience.

For businesses that aim to prioritize customer satisfaction and boost their conversion rates, this plugin emerges as an indispensable tool. It’s more than just a feature; it’s a commitment to ensuring that every customer, after perusing through your products, finds the final steps of their shopping journey as enjoyable and effortless as the initial ones.


= 2.37 =
* 03/23/2024
* Fix: validate per step an already existing user with the same email
* Fix: validate required upload fields created with the Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce (Pro) plugin
* Fix: validate input fields with missing "id" attribute
* Fix: don't validate optional additional email address input fields

= 2.36 =
* 12/12/2023
* Compatibility with the Huntor theme

= 2.35 =
* 10/11/2023
* Fix: open the Login step when clicking the "Please log in" link in the "Account already registered" message
* Fix: validate the required select fields with no option selected
* Feature: option for placing the input fields from the "Date & Time Delivery" plugin in a separate step
* Dev: add the 'wmsc_script_footer' filter

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