(v4.5.11) Ninja Firewall WP Plus Free Download

Ninja Firewall WP Plus Free Download, a powerful Web Application Firewall (WAF) tailored to protect your WordPress site from a wide range of online threats. In this comprehensive post, we’ll explore the world of NinjaFirewall WP+, providing an overview, an in-depth look at its features, and the importance of this security tool.

Ninja Firewall WP Plus Nulled is designed to serve as an impenetrable shield for your WordPress website. Its primary function is to protect your site against web attacks, ranging from common hacking attempts to more sophisticated threats. Unlike standard security plugins, NinjaFirewall WP+ Edition operates as a WAF, positioning itself at the forefront of your website’s defense. Here’s an overview of what makes this security solution indispensable for WordPress users.

Key Features:

  1. Web Application Firewall (WAF): NinjaFirewall WP+ Edition is not just another security plugin; it is a full-fledged Web Application Firewall. This means it intercepts and filters malicious traffic before it even reaches your WordPress application, significantly reducing the risk of a successful attack.
  2. Protection Against Web Attacks: Your website can be vulnerable to various threats, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and other types of exploits. NinjaFirewall WP+ Edition provides comprehensive protection against these threats, making it difficult for attackers to compromise your site.
  3. Real-Time Attack Detection: The plugin employs real-time detection techniques to identify and block potential threats as they occur. It ensures that your website remains protected at all times, even in the face of evolving security challenges.
  4. Advanced Security Policies: NinjaFirewall WP+ Edition comes equipped with advanced security policies, allowing you to customize the level of protection based on your specific needs. You can fine-tune security rules to fit your site’s requirements, ensuring a balance between security and functionality.
  5. Bot and Crawlers Control: The plugin provides tools to monitor and control bot and crawler access to your site. This feature helps reduce unnecessary server load and ensures that genuine users have a seamless browsing experience.
  6. IP Whitelisting and Blacklisting: You have the power to control who can access your site by whitelisting trusted IP addresses and blacklisting suspicious or malicious ones. This feature offers an additional layer of protection against unwanted visitors.
  7. Security Logs and Notifications: NinjaFirewall WP+ Edition keeps a detailed log of security events, allowing you to monitor potential threats and track their origins. It can also send real-time notifications to alert you of any suspicious activity.
  8. Performance Optimization: Security should not come at the cost of performance. The plugin is engineered to provide robust protection without slowing down your website, ensuring a smooth and speedy user experience.
  9. Security Hardening: In addition to its firewall capabilities, NinjaFirewall WP+ Edition offers security hardening features to bolster your site’s defenses. These include disabling XML-RPC and other potential vulnerabilities.
  10. Real-Time Updates: The security landscape is constantly evolving, and the plugin is updated regularly to keep pace with emerging threats. This ensures that your site remains protected against the latest security challenges.

Ninja Free Download stands as a formidable guardian for your WordPress website. In a digital world where web attacks are a constant threat, having a reliable Web Application Firewall is indispensable. Its ability to intercept and filter malicious traffic in real-time ensures that your site is well-protected against a wide array of threats.

With advanced security policies, customizable protection levels, and robust attack detection capabilities, Ninja Nulled offers a versatile and powerful security solution. It not only keeps your website safe but also does so without sacrificing performance, ensuring your users enjoy a seamless and secure browsing experience.

NinjaFirewall WP+ Edition is an essential security tool for WordPress users who prioritize the safety of their websites and the protection of sensitive data. Its role as a Web Application Firewall represents a proactive and effective approach to security, setting it apart as a vital component of your website’s defenses.



  • Updated Charts.js.
  • WP+ Edition (Premium): updated PayPal IPN and Automattic IP addresses.
  • WP+ Edition (Premium): Updated GeoIP databases.
  • Small fixes and adjustments.

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