OpenAI Chatbot for WordPress – Helper 1.0.18 Nulled

In the era of customer-centric business, the importance of a swift, efficient, and personalized user experience can’t be overstated. The OpenAI Chatbot for WordPress Nulled, known as “Helper,” is a plugin designed to revolutionize how users interact with your website. It combines advanced GPT-3 technology with multiple features, enabling it to assist visitors in a context-aware and personalized manner. This plugin reduces the need for constant human intervention, elevates customer satisfaction, and enriches the user experience on your WordPress website.

Overview: A Seamless, Intelligent Addition to Your WordPress Site

The Helper plugin isn’t just another chatbot; it’s a smart, versatile solution. The chatbot can handle a wide array of tasks, from answering FAQs to data collection and beyond, all while providing a touch of human-like interaction. With the capability to integrate into a variety of website types and categories, it’s a must-have addition for anyone looking to engage users and convert leads into loyal customers effectively.

Key Features of Helper: Unpacking Its Capabilities

Personalization and Context Awareness

Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3, the Helper bot can generate contextually relevant responses based on the content of your website, including site posts and WooCommerce products.

Customizable Bot Objective

The Helper allows you to customize its behavior according to your unique needs, focusing on specific content or generating unrestricted responses.

Multi-Feature Combination

The bot offers a variety of functionalities such as FAQ blocks, data collection forms, email sending options, and more, all easily managed in the plugin settings.

Accessibility Features

For users with typing limitations or mobility impairments, the Helper provides voice input and output features. These features are backed by WebSpeech API and support multiple languages.

Sales Assistance

In your WooCommerce store, the Helper can serve as a virtual sales assistant, providing product recommendations and helping convert leads into sales.

Analytics Support

The plugin seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics, offering valuable insights into user interaction with your site.

Multi-Language and Multi-Channel Communication

With multilingual support and integration of multiple communication channels, Helper ensures a well-rounded customer service experience.

Style and Compatibility

The chatbot window elements are customizable, compatible across all major browsers, and easily inserted anywhere on the page using shortcodes.

24/7 Availability

Unlike human agents, Helper is always available, making it a reliable support tool for customers in different time zones.

Advanced Technical Features

  • Adaptive learning for a better understanding of user needs
  • Detailed bot logs to analyze user interaction and improve your services
  • Shortcode support for flexible positioning
  • SEO-friendly nature for improved visibility
  • Extensive customization capabilities, including bot button positioning and chat style settings

Conclusion: Elevating Customer Interactions with the Helper Plugin

A Multilayered Approach to Customer Service

What sets the Helper apart is its multi-layered method to client care. This tool adapts to different needs. It’s designed to handle FAQs, collect data, and even assist in sales. In short, it’s versatile and efficient, making it ideal for diverse businesses.

Availability Matters

The Helper’s 24/7 availability is a significant asset in today’s global market. Customers from varying time zones can always find help, boosting user satisfaction. Adding to this is the chatbot’s ability to understand multiple languages.

Easy Implementation and Universal Compatibility

The Helper is user-friendly. You don’t need any special tech skills to integrate it into your website. It’s compatible with all major web browsers, which means it’s adaptable. Also, you can personalize it extensively, fitting the look and feel of your site.

Analytics and Data-Driven Insights

Another strength is its link with Google Analytics. This feature offers valuable insights into user behavior. In simple terms, it helps you make informed decisions that can improve user interactions.

Why the Helper is More Than Just a Chatbot

In summary, the Helper is not just an add-on; it’s a full-featured, smart tool for enriching customer engagement. By choosing the Helper, you’re not just getting a chatbot. You’re investing in a robust tool that can greatly enhance user experience and your brand reputation. This is the future of customer interactions, available today. Don’t miss the chance to make your customer experience exceptional with the Helper.


1.0.18 – 30 May 2024
Fixed displaying new lines in AI bot response
Fixed scrolling in the popup on the full-size bot window on mobile devices
Added ability to change icon for FAQ category button

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