ShopLentor Pro v2.4.5 Nulled (formerly WooLentor) Free Download

The e-commerce landscape is bustling, with numerous businesses striving to stand out in an ever-evolving marketplace. Ensuring an exceptional user experience is crucial for online businesses, and a significant part of this experience lies in the design and functionality of the online store itself. Enter ShopLentor Pro (formerly known as WooLentor) – a solution that promises to redefine the way e-commerce businesses approach their website design and functionality.

ShopLentor Pro or WooLentor Nulled is a robust e-commerce toolkit designed to enhance the user experience and frontend design of online stores. This advanced plugin integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, the world’s favorite e-commerce platform, offering users a range of customizable design templates and functional add-ons that make online shopping smoother and more interactive.


Customizable Design Templates

ShopLentor Pro boasts an array of beautifully designed templates, allowing businesses to choose a look that best resonates with their brand and clientele. Whether you’re selling high-end fashion or organic produce, there’s a template tailored for your needs.

Drag and Drop Builder

Forget about complex coding. With the drag and drop builder feature, customize your website’s look effortlessly. Choose elements, drag them to your desired location, and craft your perfect storefront.

Product Widgets

Showcase your products in innovative ways using a suite of product widgets. Whether it’s a countdown timer for a limited-time offer or a carousel slider displaying your top products, these widgets ensure that your products are the stars of the show.

Sales Notification

This feature lets potential customers know what others are buying in real-time. It adds a touch of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and encourages visitors to make a purchase.

Sticky Add to Cart

An essential feature for improving conversion rates. As potential buyers scroll down the product page, the ‘add to cart’ button remains visible, prompting users to take action without scrolling back up.

Customizable Checkout Page

Often, the checkout process can be a deterrent for potential buyers. With ShopLentor Pro, customize the checkout page to make it as streamlined and user-friendly as possible.

Helps users instantly find what they’re looking for, enhancing their shopping experience and leading them faster to the checkout.

Mobile Optimization

Given the surge in mobile shopping, this feature is vital. ShopLentor Pro ensures that your online store looks stunning and functions seamlessly on all devices.

Multi-Language Support

A feature that truly makes your online store global. Cater to a worldwide audience with multi-language support, making your store accessible and user-friendly to people from different linguistic backgrounds.

Regular Updates and Premium Support

The world of e-commerce is dynamic, and ShopLentor Pro is committed to staying ahead of the curve. Regular updates ensure that your online store always has the latest features and functions optimally. Additionally, premium support ensures that if you ever face any hiccups, a dedicated team is ready to assist you.

Download ShopLentor Pro (formerly WooLentor)

E-commerce success relies heavily on two core elements: product quality and user experience. While businesses have control over their products, the challenge often lies in offering a seamless, engaging, and user-friendly shopping experience. WooLentor Pro Free Download is a game-changer in this domain.

Bringing together a blend of aesthetics and functionality, ShopLentor Pro ensures that every aspect of an online store is optimized. From the first click to checkout, users experience a smooth journey, nudging them closer to conversion. With its suite of features, customization options, and commitment to excellence, ShopLentor Pro emerges as an essential tool for e-commerce businesses aiming for growth and customer satisfaction. In a marketplace crowded with competitors, ShopLentor Pro provides the edge that businesses need to stand out and succeed.


WooLentor Pro : 2.4.5 & ...
Added : Enabling option to show the stock status of variable product in Add to cart Addon.
Added : Variable product stock status showing support to WL: Product Stock addon
Added : Wishlist counter Gutenberg Block.
Added : Ever Compare Table Gutenberg Block.
Added : Ajax Pagination for WishSuite table.
Added : Gutenberg Block form QuickView image. (Pro)
Added : QuickView Template Build option with Gutenberg. (Pro)
Solved : Price Update with Quantity increase and decrease in Order review Addon. (Pro)
Compatibility : Latest WordPress and WooCommerce version.

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