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Understanding the intricacies of shipping costs can be one of the most complicated aspects of running an online store. It is essential for customers to know how much they will pay for shipping before they initiate the checkout process. The WooCommerce Shipping Calculator by Barn2 Media Nulled is a resourceful plugin that elegantly solves this problem by providing transparent shipping cost calculations on product pages.

The landscape of e-commerce is fiercely competitive, and the transparency of shipping costs can often be the deciding factor for consumers contemplating a purchase. A simple and upfront calculation of these costs can significantly improve the user experience. This is where the WooCommerce Shipping Calculator steps in, delivering an intuitive and user-friendly interface right where it’s needed most.


The WooCommerce Shipping Calculator Nulled plugin is designed to integrate seamlessly with a WooCommerce-powered online store, offering a real-time shipping cost calculator. It allows customers to enter their location to get an accurate shipping estimate without having to add products to their cart or go through the checkout process. This immediate access to shipping information helps to reduce cart abandonment and increases the likelihood of a completed sale.


  1. Real-Time Shipping Rates: Customers receive immediate shipping cost estimates based on their location directly on the product page.
  2. Simple Location Entry: The plugin provides an easy-to-use interface for customers to enter their shipping location, improving overall site usability.
  3. Flexible Placement: Store owners can place the calculator on product pages, within product tabs, or anywhere on their site using a shortcode.
  4. Compatibility with Shipping Methods: It works with various shipping methods and rates, including flat-rate, free, and live rates from shipping carriers.
  5. Dynamic Updates: As customers update their location or change product quantities, the shipping calculator dynamically updates the costs.
  6. Customizable Appearance: The look and feel of the calculator can be tailored to match the store’s theme, ensuring a consistent and branded experience.
  7. Geolocation Support: Leveraging geolocation, the plugin can automatically estimate shipping by detecting the customer’s IP address.
  8. Ajax-powered: The calculator refreshes shipping rates without reloading the entire page, providing a smoother experience for the user.
  9. Multi-Currency Support: It accommodates multiple currencies, a boon for stores serving international customers.
  10. Mobile Responsiveness: Fully responsive design ensures that the calculator is functional and visually pleasing across all devices.
  11. WPML and Multilingual Compatibility: The plugin supports the WPML translation plugin, making it adaptable for multi-language stores.
  12. Integration with Existing Shipping Zones: It respects the WooCommerce shipping zones and methods already set up, maintaining the store’s current logistics workflow.
  13. Custom Messages and Tooltips: Store owners can set custom messages for different scenarios, such as when shipping is not available, or add tooltips to explain shipping terms.
  14. Caching for Speed: Implements caching to store shipping rates, reducing load times and enhancing performance.
  15. No Shortcode Hassle: Besides using shortcodes, the plugin can be automatically added to all product pages, reducing setup time.
  16. Easy to Setup and Manage: Intuitive backend settings allow for quick installation and configuration without needing developer skills.
  17. Developer-friendly: Developers can further customize the plugin via hooks and filters if more advanced customization is required.

The WooCommerce Shipping Calculator Free Download is more than just a plugin; it’s a strategic tool for improving the e-commerce experience. By providing a transparent and easily accessible way for customers to calculate shipping costs, it helps reduce uncertainty and friction in the buying process. This can lead to improved customer satisfaction, lower cart abandonment rates, and an increase in overall sales.

In the vast sea of online stores, those that cater to the customer’s need for information and simplicity will stand out. The WooCommerce Shipping Calculator is a critical addition for any WooCommerce store that aims to provide excellent customer service and streamline the purchasing process. It’s a straightforward solution that addresses a complex challenge in e-commerce, encapsulating both functionality and ease of use. By embracing this plugin, store owners can confidently offer their customers a clear and convenient path from browsing to buying, culminating in a better shopping experience for everyone involved.


1.0.5 - 2024-03-12
Update licensing to support Barn2 customers

1.0.4 - 2024-02-29
Rename to Shipping Calculator for WooCommerce and update brand to Kestrel

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