v8.8.2 Global Gallery WordPress Responsive Gallery Free Download

Global Gallery WordPress Responsive Gallery Nulled stands as a powerful tool for website owners seeking to display images in a professional and responsive manner. This versatile plugin caters to a wide array of needs, allowing users to import photos from numerous sources such as Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, and local folders. With the ability to bulk upload images, it streamlines the gallery creation process significantly.

The plugin offers four distinctive gallery layouts: fixed, columnized, masonry, and photostring, each providing a unique visual experience. Moreover, it is equipped with professional features like image tagging and filtering, customizable sliders and carousels, and a variety of lightbox options that include fullscreen mode, zoom capabilities, and deep linking for a comprehensive viewing experience. User interaction is enhanced with the option for visitors to comment via Disqus or Facebook Comments.

Global Gallery Nulled ensures that images are protected through watermarking and even offers image effects such as grayscale and blurring. It integrates smoothly with WordPress galleries and can be applied globally or selectively across pages. The plugin also supports smart features like gallery triggering from a small image box and the ability to create collections of galleries, which can be categorized and filtered for better organization.

The feature set extends to include album management, drag and drop reordering, infinite scroll, lazy loading, and is SEO friendly, ensuring that images contribute to the website’s visibility. With pre-built templates, social sharing capabilities, and support for high-resolution zoom, it provides a comprehensive gallery solution.

It is responsive, ensuring that galleries look great on any device, and includes various gallery styles such as masonry, slider, and thumbnail. Media integration is broad, with support for platforms like Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram, as well as other WordPress integrations like Elementor and WPBakery. The plugin is also Gutenberg friendly, offers RTL support, and is translation ready, making it versatile for international use.

In summary, Global Gallery presents an extensive range of features for anyone looking to display images on a WordPress site in a professional, organized, and engaging manner. It is a user-friendly plugin that doesn’t compromise on functionality or aesthetics, making it a valuable asset for website galleries.


v8.8.2 - release date 23/04/2024
NEW deprecated utf8_decode() PHP function replaced
FIXED bulk operations on local images manager
FIXED IPTC meta data management for JPG images in local images manager
v8.8.1 - release date 26/03/2024
FIXED Google Drive images not marked as "already added" in manual galleries

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