(v4.0.12) WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing Pro Suite Plugin Free Download

WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing Pro Suite Plugin Free Download Plugin. This tool is designed specifically for store owners who juggle both retail and wholesale operations, making it simpler to offer differentiated pricing and product views to various customer groups. Let’s delve deeper into what this plugin brings to the table.

WooCommerce Wholesale Pricing Pro Suite Plugin Nulled Plugin is a one-stop solution for businesses aiming to seamlessly integrate wholesale operations into their WooCommerce store. It acknowledges the unique needs of wholesale buyers, offering tailored shopping experiences without compromising the retail shopper’s experience. By bridging the gap between retail and bulk buying, this plugin proves to be an indispensable tool for businesses looking to scale and diversify their revenue streams.


  1. Flexible Quantity Discounts: One of the hallmarks of wholesale buying is quantity discounts. This plugin elevates this feature by offering unparalleled flexibility. Store owners can set quantity discounts across their entire product range or narrow it down to specific categories, products, or even the entire cart’s total quantity. What’s more, these discounts can be customized for different wholesale buyers, ensuring personalized pricing strategies.
  2. Dynamic Cart Discounts: Beyond product-based discounts, the plugin enables dynamic cart-based discounts. This allows for promotions or discounts based on the total cart content, providing additional incentives for bulk purchases.
  3. Product & Price Visibility Control: Differentiating between retail and wholesale shoppers is paramount, and this feature stands at the core of this differentiation. Store owners can choose to hide wholesale-specific products or variations from retail buyers and vice versa. Alternatively, businesses can display all products but adjust the visible prices based on the shopper’s profile. This ensures that each shopper views prices tailored to their buying category, fostering clarity and trust.
  4. Streamlined Wholesale Registration: To facilitate easy onboarding of wholesale buyers, the plugin offers a dedicated registration form. This ensures a clear distinction between regular customers and bulk buyers, making the backend operations and tracking a breeze.
  5. Minimum Order Requirements: For wholesale buyers, store owners can set minimum order requirements. This ensures that the bulk pricing benefits are extended only when a specific quantity or order value threshold is met.
  6. Tax Exemption Features: Recognizing the different tax structures for wholesale, the plugin allows businesses to offer tax-exempted purchases for qualified wholesale buyers, further simplifying the B2B e-commerce process.
  7. Payment and Shipping Flexibility: With the varying needs of wholesale buyers, the plugin allows for differentiated payment and shipping methods. Store owners can offer specific payment gateways or shipping methods exclusive to their bulk buyers.

Wholesale Pricing Pro Suite Free Download Plugin is not just another addition to the WooCommerce ecosystem; it’s a strategic game-changer. For businesses that cater to both individual customers and bulk buyers, this plugin removes the complexities of managing two distinct sales channels. By offering a unified platform that can discern between retail and wholesale, provide tailored pricing, and offer personalized shopping experiences, this plugin proves its weight in gold.

Wholesale Pricing Pro Suite Nulled Plugin empower businesses to expand horizons without the associated operational headaches. In essence, it’s the bridge between retail charm and wholesale efficiency, making it a must-have for ambitious e-commerce ventures.


4.0.12 - March 21, 2024

	Fixed Google reCaptcha v3 functionality

4.0.11 - February 15, 2024

	WooCommerce 8 compatibility test
	Return message when thank you page message is empty
	Update quantity discount rule processing to ensure user context is switched when using IgniteWoo Phone/Manual Orders

	Add support for shipping methods that do not support shipping zones
	Added filter ignitewoo_wholesale_shipping_methods for allowed shipping method to allow overriding the detected/allowed methods

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