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Unlike others that claim to offer what they don’t, the WordPress Automatic Plugin Nulled lives up to its name. If you’ve been looking for a useful tool to help you automate your WordPress blog, you’ve come to the right place.

I came across a thread on the BHW forum (4 years ago) under downloads that introduced me and others to the WordPress automatic plugin. The more I read the thread, the more I wanted to jump right into downloading and installing because I was eager to put what I was reading into practice.

And guess what? I finally decided, downloaded the package from the link they provided, extracted the contents, uploaded the WordPress automatic plugin, activated it, and was ready to test. To be honest, getting this up and running on your site is pretty simple because it only takes a few minutes, maybe one or two.

I’m sure you were feeling the same way I was. But don’t worry, I’ll get right to what I discovered about this amazing automation tool for WordPress websites.

What is a WordPress automatic plugin?

I won’t take up too much of your time. The name itself speaks for itself. This is a tool that will put your website’s content on autopilot. You simply do what needs to be done, then sit and wait while everything runs on autopilot. Furthermore, since the results are expected to be positive, your only concern is most likely how you will use the profits.

WP Automatic will seamlessly integrate your blogs

WP Automatic Plugin Free Download is one of the most highly recommended auto-blogging plugins due to its extensive list of import options.

Creating an automatic post or product on your website is the ideal solution for newbie bloggers who have just launched their own website to simplify website management. Furthermore, the powerful APIs search for the best and highest quality content based on the keywords that you have provided. Isn’t it incredible?

Never miss a post on the feed again and manage it your way!

Everything from all social media websites is auto-posted to your feeds via our WordPress automatic plugin. Furthermore, you can easily micromanage your posts based on your preferences, such as:

  • Reduce lengthy content
  • Only specific parts of the post are fetched and posted.
  • Alter the post order
  • With a single click, you can search and replace.
  • Skip post in some specific conditions
  • WooCommerce provides support for product posts from ecommerce websites such as Amazon.
  • And there are many more…

Post anything from anywhere automatically

WP Automatic Plugin has the ability to post content in any format, such as text, image, or video, from other websites to your WP website based on your preferences. You can easily manage the other attributes of the content or specify a specific type of content for posting.

This WordPress Automatic Plugin not only posts, but it also allows you to translate your content from any language to any language before posting it using Google Translate, Microsoft Translate, Yandex, and DeepL. Furthermore, you can make your duplicate content unique by using an integrated content spinner such as LiveSpinner, WordAi, TheBestSpinner, or SpinRewriter.

Download WordPress Automatic Plugin Nulled

This WordPress plugin worked flawlessly on a client’s website. Certainly, I would advise you, the reader, to use WordPress Automatic Plugin Free Download to automate your website.


Version 3.98.0 (5 June 2024)
NEW: Option to exclude campaign posts from rewriting using Auto Spinner Plugin
NEW: AliExpress now uses admitad.com affiliate program to generate affiliate links
Fix: Google news links now get converted to feed links for a better chance of success
Fix: Amazon price filtration for imported WooCommerce products now works correctly

Version 3.97.0 (27 May 2024)
NEW: openrouter.ai support, now you can use any model like Google Gemini, Claude 3, or free models 
Fix: OpenAI auto-correct reply if HTML encoded in pre and code tags
Fix: The option to post the link even if posted from another campaign can now be disabled
Fix: Pinterest now imports the HTML description instead of rich text

Version 3.96.1 (19 May 2024)
Fix: OpenAI Prompts back to work normally after an issue with the previous version

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