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E-commerce platforms are in a constant race to enhance user experience, with every click, every interface, and every functionality playing a crucial role in converting a visitor to a loyal customer. Among the key elements that dictate this conversion is the shopping cart – the bridge between casual browsing and purchase commitment. XT WooCommerce Floating Cart Nulled is not just another cart plugin; it’s a revolution in how shoppers interact with their selected items, ensuring a seamless, interactive, and engaging cart experience.


XT WooCommerce Floating Cart is an innovative solution designed to amplify the shopping experience on WooCommerce platforms. By providing an interactive and easily accessible view of the shopper’s cart, it reduces friction, encourages purchases, and significantly improves cart visibility and accessibility. Recognizing that the cart is more than just a place to see selected items, but rather a vital touchpoint in the purchase journey, the Floating Cart WooCommerce Nulled has been crafted with both functionality and aesthetics in mind.


  1. Interactive Floating Cart: Unlike the traditional static cart icon, this feature ensures that the cart is always visible, and products can be added without the page needing to reload. This real-time aspect ensures users can continue shopping without interruption.
  2. Fully Customizable: Tailor the cart to align with your brand and website design. From colors to size, every aspect of the floating cart can be customized to fit seamlessly into your WooCommerce store’s aesthetics.
  3. Ajax Add-to-Cart on Single Product Pages: Enhance the user experience further by allowing single product pages to have the same ajax add-to-cart feature, ensuring consistency.
  4. Mobile-Optimized Design: Understanding the increasing tilt towards mobile shopping, the XT WooCommerce Floating Cart is fully optimized for mobile views, ensuring a consistent shopping experience across devices.
  5. Variations Support: Products with different variations (like sizes, colors, etc.) are seamlessly supported, ensuring users have a clear view of their exact selection.
  6. Cart Visibility Control: Choose when to display the cart – be it when a product is added, when the page is scrolled, or always.
  7. Undo Option: Added a product to the cart by mistake? No worries! The undo option allows users to instantly revert their choice, ensuring no shopper’s remorse.
  8. Smooth Animations: Elevate the aesthetic appeal with smooth animations for adding/removing products, ensuring a dynamic and engaging user experience.
  9. Auto-Open Cart: When a customer adds a product, the cart can be set to open automatically, subtly pushing them towards the checkout process.
  10. Checkout and View Cart Buttons: Integrated directly within the floating cart for a seamless transition to the final purchase phase.
  11. Real-time Content Update: The cart content updates in real-time, ensuring users always have an up-to-date view of their shopping items.
  12. Intuitive Product Removal: Users can easily remove products directly from the floating cart, ensuring they always have control over their shopping list.

Online shopping is no longer just about buying products; it’s an experience. As retailers and e-commerce platforms strive to offer the best to their customers, elements like the shopping cart, which were once seen as mere functional tools, are now at the forefront of this experience. XT WooCommerce Floating Cart Free Download recognizes this paradigm shift and takes the shopping cart experience to unprecedented heights.

By offering an interactive, aesthetically pleasing, and functionally rich cart experience, it not only enhances user experience but also subtly encourages the journey from product selection to purchase. In an online marketplace crowded with competitors vying for the attention of shoppers, tools like the XT WooCommerce Floating Cart can significantly tip the scales in favor of those who use them.

In essence, the XT WooCommerce Floating Cart isn’t just another WooCommerce plugin. It’s a testament to how understanding and enhancing even the seemingly minor touchpoints in an online shopping journey can have a profound impact on conversions, loyalty, and overall user satisfaction. For WooCommerce stores aiming to offer the best to their shoppers, integrating tools like the XT WooCommerce Floating Cart isn’t an option; it’s a necessity. Step into the future of e-commerce, where every element elevates shopping from a mere transaction to a delightful experience.


V.2.7.6 – 01.02.2024

  • updateFreemius SDK update v2.6.2
  • supportWordPress 6.4
  • fixMinor fixes

V.2.7.5 – 25.08.2023

  • updateAdded WooCommerce HPOS Support

V.2.7.4 – 24.07.2023

  • updateFreemius SDK update v2.5.10

V.2.7.3 – 18.04.2023

  • supportFixed issue with the “force visible on empty” option not being applied on free versions.
  • updateXT Framework update

V.2.7.2 – 08.03.2023

  • supportRemoved xt-observers-polyfill script, since the plugin does not support old browsers anymore.
  • updateXT Framework update

V.2.7.1 – 14.02.2023

  • fixRe-wrote the calculation code for the “Free Shipping Bar” and removed the “Amount Left Display” option from the customizer. The “inc tax” or “ex tax” suffix will now depend only on the native WooCommerce option https://d.pr/i/sOwXUN
  • updateXT Framework update

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