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Navigating the ever-changing digital landscape demands the creation of a dedicated online community. This is where a membership site, offering exclusive content and experiences, comes into play. While WordPress provides the foundation, the path to enhancing your site’s capabilities requires a robust plugin. Meet ARMember Nulled – the comprehensive WordPress Membership Plugin. This post takes a deep dive into ARMember’s features, benefits, and its transformative potential for your WordPress site. Seamlessly transitioning between user levels becomes vital, making ARMember the optimal choice.

ARMember is more than just a membership plugin; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to seamlessly integrate with your WordPress website, transforming it into a thriving membership platform. Whether you’re a content creator, a business owner, a educator, or an artist, ARMember caters to all niches, empowering you to monetize your content, foster a sense of exclusivity, and establish meaningful connections with your audience.

Features that Set ARMember Apart

  • User-Friendly Interface: ARMember boasts an intuitive interface that makes it easy for both beginners and seasoned WordPress users to set up and manage memberships without any coding knowledge.
  • Content Dripping: Keep your audience engaged by delivering content in a controlled manner. With ARMember, you can schedule content releases, ensuring that your members receive fresh and valuable material over time.
  • Flexible Membership Plans: Customize membership levels and subscription plans to cater to various user needs. Offer free trials, one-time payments, or recurring subscriptions – the choice is yours.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: The plugin seamlessly integrates with popular payment gateways, making the transaction process smooth and secure for your members. Whether it’s PayPal, Stripe, or other options, ARMember has you covered.
  • Diverse Content Restriction: Protect and restrict content based on membership levels. From articles and videos to downloads and forums, the plugin enables you to create a tiered system of content access.
  • Engaging Sign-up Forms: Design captivating registration forms with a variety of fields. Collect essential user information during the sign-up process, aiding in personalized interactions.
  • Drip Content Scheduling: Provide value over time with automated content dripping. ARMember enables you to release content in stages, keeping your members excited and engaged.
  • Email Notifications: Keep your members informed and engaged with automated email notifications for account activations, upcoming content releases, subscription renewals, and more.
  • Coupons and Discounts: Attract new members and retain existing ones with special offers. The plugin allows you to create and manage coupons and discounts, fostering a sense of exclusivity.

Download ARMember WordPress Plugin

In an age where online engagement is paramount, ARMember steps in as the ultimate WordPress Membership Plugin, offering a feature-rich, user-friendly experience for both site owners and members. Whether you’re looking to create a thriving online community, monetize your content, or provide exclusive services, ARMember empowers you to achieve your goals. With its seamless integration, content dripping capabilities, payment gateway support, and an array of user-focused features, ARMember revolutionizes your WordPress website into a membership powerhouse. Elevate your website, engage your audience, and monetize your passion with ARMember – where the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.


Version 6.7 (06 Jun 2024)

  • Added New Inbuilt Add-on – Pro-Rata
  • Added New Facility to view Upcoming Subscriptions from Admin Panel
  • Added Conditional Redirection for Add/Change Membership Plan Purchase
  • Updated Twitter Social Network Login default Icons
  • Improved Database Structure for the Subscriptions Activities.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

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