EventRight Pro (v2.0.0) Free Download

EventRight Pro Free Download– a holistic solution designed for modern event needs, ensuring every facet of event management is addressed with precision.

EventRight Pro Nulled emerges as a beacon in the event management software space, with its focus on flexibility, efficiency, and user-friendliness. This tool isn’t merely about organizing an event; it’s about enhancing the entire event experience, for both organizers and attendees. Whether you’re orchestrating a corporate seminar, a music festival, or an intimate workshop, EventRight Pro promises a streamlined journey from conception to conclusion.

  1. Comprehensive Ticket Management: At the heart of any event lies its ticketing system. EventRight Pro offers a dynamic ticket creation and management feature, allowing organizers to craft multiple ticket types, set prices, and even roll out early-bird specials or discount codes.
  2. Intuitive Scheduling: With its interactive calendar and scheduling module, EventRight Pro ensures every segment of your event is timed to perfection. From keynote speeches to breakout sessions, everything can be planned with pinpoint accuracy.
  3. Secure Payment Gateway: Financial transactions need to be swift and secure. EventRight Pro integrates with multiple payment gateways, ensuring attendees have a variety of payment options, while organizers can have peace of mind regarding transaction security.
  4. Real-time Analytics: Knowledge is power. With EventRight Pro’s real-time analytics dashboard, organizers can track ticket sales, monitor revenue, and gauge attendee demographics, empowering them to make informed decisions.
  5. Interactive Offers: Boost early registrations and incentivize attendance with special offers and discount campaigns. With its dynamic offer management system, EventRight Pro makes rolling out and tracking these campaigns a breeze.
  6. Personalized Communication: Ensure attendees are always in the loop with EventRight Pro’s personalized communication tools. Send out customized emails, reminders, and notifications, ensuring guests are well-informed and engaged.
  7. Seamless Check-In: Say goodbye to long queues and cumbersome check-in processes. EventRight Pro offers a seamless digital check-in system, ensuring guests can get started with the event experience without any hiccups.
  8. Feedback Collection: Post-event feedback is gold. EventRight Pro’s integrated feedback collection system ensures you gather valuable insights from attendees, setting the stage for even better future events.
  9. Multi-device Compatibility: In today’s multi-device world, an event management tool needs to be accessible across devices. EventRight Pro shines in this realm, offering a consistent experience whether accessed via desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  10. Collaborative Tools: Event management is often a collaborative affair. EventRight Pro’s suite of collaborative tools ensures team members can work together seamlessly, from task allocation to real-time communication.

EventRight Free Download stands as a testament to what a well-crafted event management tool can achieve. It doesn’t just simplify event management; it elevates it. By focusing on the holistic event experience, it ensures that organizers are always in control, while attendees receive an experience worth remembering.

EventRight Nulled distinguishes itself through its blend of powerful features and user-centric design. For those seeking to transform the way they conceive, plan, and execute events, this tool emerges not just as an option, but as the definitive choice. As events continue to play pivotal roles in professional and personal realms, tools like EventRight Pro will be indispensable in ensuring their success.


v2.0.0 Update 08-APR-2024
– [NEW] Added Mobile Apps Banner Section on Website home page (link can be set from admin panel)
– [ADD] Stripe payment token added to the invoice
– [ENHANCEMENT] Added Dropdown in SMTP Authentication & Mailer Type
– [ENHANCEMENT] Ticket CTA Button text changed to "Book Now"
– [ENHANCEMENT] Now using Organization name in website as Organizer's Name, kind of Brand name (SQL Query is attached)
– [UPDATE] Documentation updated regarding mobile apps section on home page
– [ADD] Debug Mode. In Admin Settings > Debug Mode
– [FIX] pagination button UI in my-tickets
– [FIX] having issue in coupon add, edit, delete in some scenarios
– [FIX] Different Ticket Validity Date
– [FIX] Added missing info on Organizer Profile Page
– [FIX] Inactive events are not visible in the Organizer Panel
– [FIX] Not able to Edit Online events from Organizer Panel due to scanner requirement
– [FIX] App users were visible to Organizer as well as admin
– [FIX] Organizer is seeing the notification of another organizers
– [FIX] the stripe payment token is not being saved in database
– [FIX] Coupon uses not being recorded in the booking data
– [FIX] Multiple minor bug fixes & enhancements
– [NOTE] There is a DB SQL Query file attached.

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