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Are you struggling with WordPress permissions that are too restrictive or too broad? Say hello to PublishPress Capabilities Pro Nulled, a plugin specifically engineered to give you full control over your WordPress roles and permissions. As you read on, you’ll find that this is not just another plugin, but an essential tool that can redefine how you manage your WordPress site.

PublishPress Capabilities Pro isn’t simply about changing user roles; it’s a comprehensive solution that makes it easy to manage permissions on your WordPress site. The plugin aims to remove the complexity usually associated with setting roles and capabilities, making life easier for WordPress administrators. Whether you are a freelancer running multiple blogs or an agency managing multiple client websites, this plugin’s scalability and flexibility are designed to meet your needs. Let’s delve into its features to see what makes it stand out.

Feature-Rich and User-Friendly

Easy Role Editing

PublishPress Capabilities Pro makes editing roles a breeze. Whether you want to change roles for a single user or a group, the plugin’s easy-to-use interface will make the task straightforward and quick.

Capability Management

It offers detailed management of all the capabilities for each role. You can add or delete capabilities and instantly see the changes, eliminating the need for complicated configurations.

Back-up and Restore

The plugin allows you to back up your roles before making changes. If you’re not satisfied with the new settings, you can quickly restore to a previous configuration, reducing the risk of potential errors.

Access Control

Granular control is offered over who can read, edit, delete, or publish any type of content, from posts and pages to custom post types. This ensures that only the right people have access to specific content.

Multisite Support

For those running WordPress multisites, this feature is a lifesaver. You can sync roles and capabilities across all the sites on your network, ensuring consistent user access throughout.

Create Custom Roles

Beyond the standard WordPress roles, you can create your own custom roles, tailored specifically to your needs. This is great for specialized team members who require unique permissions.

Content Restrictions

This feature allows you to restrict access to selected content for specific roles, enhancing security and minimizing the risks of unauthorized content changes.

Administer Third-Party Roles

You can also manage roles added by other Nulled WordPress plugins, ensuring that your capability settings remain consistent, even if you expand your site’s functionalities.

Conclusion: Why PublishPress Capabilities Pro Is Your Go-to Solution

Managing a WordPress site requires significant attention to user roles and capabilities. Default settings often don’t suffice when you’re trying to streamline operations or enhance security. That’s where PublishPress Capabilities Pro comes in, delivering a solution that is both easy to use and incredibly effective.

With features like capability management, custom roles, and multisite support, it eliminates the complexities traditionally involved in managing WordPress permissions. The plugin’s backup and restore function adds a layer of safety, ensuring that you can always revert to a previous state if something goes wrong.

In summary, PublishPress Capabilities Pro Free Download isn’t just another plugin—it’s an indispensable tool for anyone who takes their WordPress management seriously. From freelancers to agencies, its extensive feature set is designed to meet a range of needs, making it a must-have for your plugin arsenal. If you’re seeking a straightforward, efficient way to manage your WordPress roles and capabilities, your search ends here. Make the switch to PublishPress Capabilities Pro and take control of your WordPress site like never before.


= 2.12.1 – 30 Jan 2024 =
* Change : Improved use of screen space on Capabilties tab panels
* Change : In mobile view, scroll to panel for clicked Capabilities tab
* Change : Display right sidebar metaboxes inside tab panel, but only where they\’re relevant
* Change : Wide format Custom Statuses, Custom Visibility tab panels, omitting sidebar
* Change : Added missing column header on Custom Statuses tab
* Change : Adjusted header styling on Custom Statuses, Custom Visibility tabs
* Change : In Add Capability sidebar metabox, mention that new capabilities will show up on Additional tab
* Change : Bulk Check All box on Editing, Deletion, Listing, Reading, Taxonomies tabs
* Change : Use 90% opacity for Capabilities tool tip
* Change : Don\’t display “This capability is” tool tip if capability name is already displayed next to checkbox
* Lang: Some tab captions on Capabilities screen were not translated
* Lang: Default WordPress strings (Edit, Settings, etc.) used by plugin were made to rely on plugin language files

= 2.12.0 – 22 Jan 2024=
* Compat : PublishPress Statuses – Improved Visibility Statuses integration
* Compat : PublishPress Statuses – Improved Custom Statues UI
* Compat : PublishPress Statuses – Update to Status Capabilities Library improves Status Edit > Post Access UI
* Compat : PublishPress Statuses + Permissions Pro – If Permissions (or its Status Control module) was deactivated after a status was set to use custom capabilities for post access, Capabilities Pro continued to require those status-specific capabilities even if the option on Capabilities > Settings was disabled. This could result in Editors\’ inability to see or edit posts that are set to a custom status.
* Change : Cleaner styling for capabilities assigned implicitly by a Permissions Group
* Fixed : Fatal error logged if another plugin encounters an error during update

= 2.11.2 – 04 Jan 2024 =
* Compat : PublishPress Statuses – iframe Install Now button did not work

= 2.11.1 – 04 Jan 2024 =
* Compat : PublishPress Statuses plugin integration
* Compat : Custom Visibility Statuses integration (with Permissions Pro or PublishPress Statuses Pro)

= 2.10.3 – 12 Dec 2023 =
* Fixed: Nav menu not working in latest WordPress version for FSE theme, #1048
* Update: Add ability to define test user cookie name, define(\’PPC_TEST_USER_COOKIE_NAME\’, \’replace_this_with_your_cookie_name\’); #1033
* Fixed: Last update breaking nav-menus.php for some sites, #1037
* Fixed: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function pp_get_enabled_types() on capabilities screen, #1045
* Update: Add support for Squirrly SEO (Newton) plugin capabilities tab, #1044
* Update: Add support for AMP plugin capabilities tab, #1043
* Update: Add support for SEOPress plugin capabilities tab, #1042
* Update: Add support for MailOptin – Lite plugin capabilities tab, #1041
* Update: Capabilities Translation Updates November 2023, #1036

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