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PublishPress Revisions Pro Nulled is a powerful WordPress plugin designed to enhance content management and editorial workflows. It allows website administrators and editors to easily manage, schedule, and moderate content revisions. This plugin is particularly beneficial for sites with multiple authors or editors, providing a structured approach to content revision and publication.

PublishPress Revisions Pro offers an advanced solution for managing post revisions in WordPress. It extends the default WordPress revision system, giving more control and flexibility over the editing and publication process. This tool is essential for websites that require a collaborative and organized approach to content creation and revision.

Detailed Revision Management

The core functionality of PublishPress Revisions Pro lies in its detailed revision management. Users can submit changes for existing posts, which are then stored as separate revisions. These revisions can be reviewed, approved, or rejected by users with the appropriate permissions, ensuring that only quality content is published.

Scheduled Revisions

One of the key features of the plugin is the ability to schedule revisions. This allows users to set future dates for revisions to go live, automating the process of content updates and ensuring that the site remains dynamic and up-to-date.

Moderation and Approval Workflow

PublishPress Revisions Pro Nulled introduces a robust moderation and approval workflow. Administrators and designated editors can review submitted revisions, provide feedback, and approve changes. This workflow is crucial for maintaining editorial standards and ensuring consistency across published content.

Role-Based Permissions

The plugin offers customizable role-based permissions, allowing site administrators to define who can submit revisions and who can approve them. This feature is particularly useful for large teams, where different members play distinct roles in the content creation process.

Comparison of Revisions

With PublishPress Revisions Pro, users can easily compare different revisions. This side-by-side comparison makes it simple to see what changes have been made, facilitating the review and approval process.

Email Notifications

The plugin includes email notifications to keep relevant team members informed about new revisions and changes in their status. These notifications ensure that revisions are promptly reviewed and that the editorial process flows smoothly.

Frontend Revision Submission

A unique feature of PublishPress Revisions Pro is the ability for users to submit revisions directly from the frontend of the website. This is particularly useful for contributors who do not have access to the WordPress dashboard.

Integration with Other PublishPress Plugins

PublishPress Revisions Pro integrates seamlessly with other PublishPress plugins, providing an extended suite of tools for content planning, calendar scheduling, and user management. This integration creates a comprehensive ecosystem for managing all aspects of content production.

Support for Custom Post Types

The plugin supports custom post types, making it versatile for a variety of websites and content needs. Whether it’s for standard posts, pages, or custom content types, PublishPress Revisions Pro provides the same level of control and management.

Multisite Compatibility

For WordPress multisite installations, PublishPress Revisions Pro offers full compatibility. This feature is crucial for network sites that require centralized control over content across multiple sub-sites.

Regular Updates and Professional Support

PublishPress Revisions Pro is regularly updated to keep up with the latest WordPress developments. Users also benefit from professional support, ensuring they have assistance whenever needed.

PublishPress Revisions Pro Free Download is an indispensable tool for websites with collaborative content creation processes. Its comprehensive set of features for managing, scheduling, and moderating revisions makes it a standout choice for WordPress sites. The plugin’s role-based permissions, revision comparison tools, email notifications, and frontend submission capabilities provide a structured and efficient approach to content revision. By integrating with other PublishPress plugins and supporting custom post types and multisite installations, PublishPress Revisions Pro offers a versatile and robust solution for content management. Whether for a small blog with multiple contributors or a large news website with an extensive editorial team, PublishPress Revisions Pro enhances content quality and streamlines the publication workflow.


You can find the changelog for the free version by clicking this link to WordPress.org.

You can find the changelog for the Pro version below:

= 3.5.9 – 7 May 2024 =
* Fixed : After new revision creation in post editor, View / Edit links fail with PHP warnings on some installations
* Fixed : Classic Editor – When editing a published post, future date selection followed by “Schedule Revision” button click failed to schedule revision
* Fixed : Classic Editor (Revision) – Changing Category, Tag, Featured Image or other Meta box did not disable Approve button
* Fixed : Classic Editor (Revision) – Changing or removing Featured Image did not disable Submit, Approve button
* Fixed : Revision Queue: Decline link nonce failure (“link expired”)
* Fixed : PHP Warning on revision submission if published page is the child of a parent that has been trashed
* Compat : Divi, Beaver Builder integrations were partially disabled
* Compat : WPML – Revision previews for translations fail if language subdomain URLs are enabled
* Compat : PublishPress Authors – Revisors could not submit revisions correctly if role has ppma_edit_post_authors capability
* Compat : PublishPress Permissions – Apply restrictive Submit Revisions permissions to limit Revision Queue listing
* Lang : Various plugin settings captions and one error message were not translated

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