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The digital landscape is constantly evolving, demanding tools that streamline the WordPress development process. For those immersed in website management, be it developers, bloggers, or administrators, a reliable reset mechanism can be a game-changer. WP Reset Pro Nulled emerges as the premium counterpart to the acclaimed WordPress plugin, WP Reset. Tailored to fit both professional and personal needs, this tool is an indispensable asset in any WordPress toolkit.

WP Reset Pro was developed to make it easier for users to reset their WordPress database to the default installation settings without affecting the core files, user data, or content. This not only allows for easier troubleshooting but also facilitates a smoother testing environment for developers. The Pro version ups the ante by introducing a range of additional features, functionalities, and tools that enhance user experience and provide an all-encompassing reset solution for WordPress sites.


One-Click Reset

At the core of WP Reset Pro is the ability to reset your WordPress site to its original state with just a single click. This can be invaluable for developers testing new themes or plugins, or for administrators looking to rebrand or restructure their site.

Database Snapshots

WP Reset Pro lets you create database snapshots. This is a lifesaver for developers, allowing them to quickly switch between different testing environments or revert to a previous state with ease.

Selective Reset Tools

Instead of a complete reset, users can choose to selectively reset parts of their site, such as plugins, themes, or customizations. This offers flexibility in troubleshooting specific issues.

WP-CLI Compatible

For those who prefer command-line tools, WP Reset Pro fully supports WP-CLI, making it even easier to manage your resets.

Webhooks Integration

This feature allows for integration with third-party tools and services. It can trigger or be triggered by other tools, adding an extra layer of automation to the reset process.

Nuclear Reset

A more thorough reset option, the Nuclear Reset will ensure everything except core files are completely wiped, giving you a fresh start.

License Manager

For developers or agencies managing multiple sites, the built-in license manager is a handy tool. It allows for easier activation or deactivation of licenses across multiple WordPress installations.

Multisite Support

WP Reset Pro fully supports WordPress Multisite setups. This means network admins can reset specific sites within the network without affecting others.

Automatic Snapshots

The plugin can be configured to automatically create snapshots before any potentially harmful action, offering an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

Direct Support

One of the perks of the Pro version is premium support. With a dedicated team at your service, any issues or questions you have will be addressed promptly.

Download WP Reset Pro Plugin

In today’s digital era, our interactions with online platforms shape both our personal and professional worlds. As a result, we cannot ignore the importance of the tools we choose for these platforms. WP Reset Pro stands out in this realm. Instead of merely joining the multitude of plugins available, it sets the standard for top-notch WordPress management. It boasts a wide range of features that simplify tasks and elevate the user’s digital journey. Take its one-click reset or the swift efficiency of database snapshots as examples; these features change how we manage WordPress.

Every type of user, from the seasoned developer to the diligent administrator or the passionate blogger, benefits from WP Reset Pro. They tackle tasks more efficiently and sidestep many common challenges. Moreover, embracing this tool is a smart move for those aiming to enhance their WordPress experience. As we look ahead, one thing becomes clear: the significance of tools like WP Reset Pro will rise. So, as we adapt to the ever-changing digital world, aligning with reliable, user-friendly solutions becomes more crucial than ever.


v6.15 - 2024-03-18
Fixed support for long table names
v6.14 - 2024-03-18
Added WP Reset MainWP Extension Download to Support Tab
New Debug tab with option to enable WP_DEBUG and view debug.log contents
New tools to handle drop-ins and MU plugins

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